Demon's Mug

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked 20cm x 30cm x 20cm safe at all times. The safe’s key should be kept by the administrator of the containment site. Any access to SCP-XXXX requires level 4 security clearance.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears as an ordinary coffee mug. It is made of porcelain, white in color, with a capacity of 250 milliliters. It can be used like every other mug, with any beverage and by any person.

After drinking from and emptying SCP-XXXX, a faint image of a demon’s face will appear on the inner bottom of the mug for about 6 seconds before fading out. 5 to 20 seconds after this occurrence, the person who drank from SCP-XXXX will open his/her mouth and eyes wide, then collapse to the floor and start having convulsions. The person will remain like this for about ten minutes; this process is referred to as “Process XXXX”. People entering Process XXXX will remain completely silent and unresponsive for its entire duration.

After Process XXXX is over, victims regain control of their actions but are now void of any emotions or instincts. Victims can get up and go about their daily routines, but will do so without any joy, resentment, excitement, fear or other feelings. They will do whatever they’re told, including homicide/suicide, and react indifferent and apathetic to any piece of information, claim, insult, compliment, or even threats of violence and death. When asked what happened to them, victims will explain that they “met the demon” in a dream-like sequence, and nothing more. (See Addendum-1)

After a period of two to three months, victims lose any motivation to eat, drink, and even to get up and move. They stop following requests and orders, and hardly ever respond when talked to. So far no amount of medication or psychotherapy has been able to cure people affected by SCP-XXXX, and victims have to be kept alive by artificial means.

Additional Notes: SCP-XXXX can be destroyed, and has been once in the past, but its traits transferred to another coffee mug located in the Foundation. Since the item that becomes SCP-XXXX will gain no markings or other means of identification, it is irresponsible and pointless to keep trying to destroy SCP-XXXX.
Experiments have shown that the final sip from SCP-XXXX is what triggers Process XXXX. Test subjects who didn’t take the final sip remained spared from Process XXXX, but expressed increasing desire to “drink the rest”, becoming more and more aggressive with repeated declinations of their request, leading to their eventual neutralization.

History: SCP-XXXX was recovered in May ████ from a recently opened office building in ███████, ████████ after multiple reports of employees suffering seizures in the staff kitchen. An eye witness reported one victim to express shock upon seeing a “face” in its coffee mug seconds before collapsing. After a number of experiments on D-Class personnel, SCP-XXXX was identified and secured.


Excerpt from Interview with D-█████. Subject used SCP-XXXX and went through Process-XXXX two hours earlier. Interview conducted by Dr. ███████ on ██/██/████.


Dr. ███████: So what did you see inside that mug after you emptied it?

D-█████: A face…looking at me.

Dr. ███████: What kind of face?

D-█████: Like a devil’s face. It was the demon.

Dr. ███████: The demon?

D-█████: Yes, I met him. He came to me in my dream.

Dr. ███████: And what happened in your dream?

D-█████: There was fire everywhere. [Pause] I was hearing this music…sounded Middle Eastern, or…I don’t know.

Dr. ███████: Go on please.

D-█████: And the demon appeared, and looked me straight in the eyes the entire time, until I woke up.

Dr. ███████: How did you feel during all this?

D-█████: [Long pause] I don’t know.


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