demontank tests
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Recreation of a symbol drawn on a napkin in cafeteria.The lines, "SPC-(unreadable) found at (2 words unreadable). Symbol identifies (unreadable). Don't (5 words unreadable). FIND THIS (1 word unreadable)!!!" were found on the napkin as well.

Item #: SCP-1296

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently no known means to contain 1296. Containment will be researched when it is discovered/rediscovered. A copy of the symbol is currently kept pinned to bulletin boards located at a number of SCP locations.

Description: 1296 is known to exist, probably, maybe. Item came into the Foundation's attention when a napkin (1296-1) on the ground in Site-19's cafeteria. A level-1 personnel tasked with cleaning located it under a table and later turned it in to security. Said personnel was quarantined for a 24 hour period until the napkin was proven to have no abilities other than smelling of coffee. Napkin has been sent for additional testing and entry has been listed as safe since it isn't harming anyone who is not obsessive compulsive. Provide any information found regarding SCP-1296 and hold termination of any subjects who seem to know about it. Be warned any personnel up for termination who are found to have lied will be treated less humanely.

Hypothesis include:
-It doesn't exist. (Believed to since SCP-050 did not change ownership.)
-It's invisible. (Unlikely, symbol is supposed to identify it.)
-It is in another universe.
-We simply lost it.
-Memories stolen.
-682 ate it.(Unlikely, but possible if someone thought it would kill 682.)
-It ceased to exist.

Addendum 1296-1: Napkin sampled and coffee found to be a decaffeinated and of a low quality variety. As well, the coffee can no longer be smelled by the average human.

Incident 1296-1: Napkin paraded around level-1 and up employees in the facility in order to figure out if anyone has seen the symbol before. Napkin destroyed when someone grabbed the Napkin and sneezed into it. Some people report it as familiar, but can't seem to place it.

Addendum 1296-2: Fliers are made and distributed to multiple facilities. No reward is offered.
Personnel in charge of parading it disciplined for not taking pictures previously.

Addendum 1296-3: After a week it was suspected that it may have been a prank in relation to SCP-050, but was hypothesis was scrutinized after possession was not immediately switched. It can be noted that the prank may be considered ongoing.

Addendum 1296-4: SPC-048 is believed to be involved after someone related stepped forward. Does not help in anyway, but lowered any expectations of finding it.

Incident 1296-2: Man retrieved from Las Vegas after an agent noticed a similar tattoo on subjects stomach. Man was later given an amnesiac and released after noting he had no abilities and the tattoo was easily removed via [redacted]. *Tattoo was redone afterwards to avoid suspicion and an identifying mark was added.~█████████

Addendum 1296-5: Active searching has ceased. Personnel felt it a waste of time and resources. One of them stated, "Have a Class-D open SCP-703 a few trillion times and the chances of finding it will be higher than looking for the symbol on the planet, if it is even on the planet." If it exists it will turn up eventually.

note: boredom/experimenting with sandbox and may or may not ever truly be submitted.

Note: 08-11-12
Dear Rosen,
I managed to expedite your parts order and restock your inventory by going through a different channel. I've managed to attach your order to the cafeterias in order to get you processed faster. There is a slight catch, however, in order for the shipment to go through all items had to meet two criteria. First of all, I had to submit a bulk order of at least 500 units each. This isn't such a big deal considering how fast most of the employees go through equipment and will probably benefit the foundation in the long run. The second condition is a bit more eccentric, as all the parts had to be edible in order to be considered a food item and part of the cafeterias order. As a bonus it seems these are much cheaper than normal part, but don't worry I've tested and examined a few pieces of hardware and I can assure you that it is all functional and up to both I.T. and culinary standards. You should note that the circuit boards are made of dried meats using the fat as the bus in an incredibly effective manner, housing seems to be formed from an intentionally stale cracker material, and the cooling fans seem to have been carved from some kind of candy. I personally recommend trying the power supplies, they seem to be composed of gingerbread. Anyway, the parts should last a decent while in use, as long as the devices being used typically manage at least and if unused parts are left refrigerated they will last until needed. It is probably in the inventory's best interest to hide the edible factor for as long as possible though.

[Disclaimer: Products may or may not contain nuts, wheat, eggs, and/or dairy. Products are not subject to return twelve hours after purchase. Do not attempt to install product while power is running. Do not consume products while power is running. Some products may have decorations, do not attempt to eat these as death or serious injury may result. Not for ages 3 and under. Parental supervision is recommended for ages 13 and under. By purchasing this product you agree that our company and affiliated retail outlet's are in no way responsible for casualties or damage that may result from the use of our product. Not for use in CA, MN, or VA. Taxes may apply where applicable.]

-Assistant Emon

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