Anxiety palm
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is currently located in the parking lot of the Foundation Research Facilities in █████████████. Access is available to all personnel.

Description: Object is a date palm, Phoenix dactylifera, approx. 20 m in height. Persons standing under the palm, in a roughly circular area 5.0 meters in radius centered on the trunk, experience a strong but nonspecific sense of anxiety. Testing with D class personnel and statistical analysis of the test results shows a near-100-percent incidence of anxiety attacks with close to 100-percent correlation with presence within this radius around SCP-XXXX. The effect ends once the affected individual moves away, and there is no evidence for lasting aftereffects.

The tree was brought to the facility in 1974 by then-director Dr. W█████ and was planted according to his specifications, with instructions that date fruit, when presented, must be removed and destroyed while immature. Dr. W█████ was additionally observed to make a regular practice of parking his car beneath SCP-XXXX.

The properties of the tree were not generally recognized until 1982, when staff were assigned numbered parking spaces and Dr. W█████'s habitual parking space was assigned as visitor parking. In an interview with Dr. Mooney after his retirement, Dr. W█████ indicated that he collected SCP-XXXXX during the Tunisian expedition that ended in containment of SCP-██ and subsequently had had SCP-XXXXX shipped at Foundation expense. Dr. W█████ then purchased a new car upon his return, and subsequently directed SCP-XXXXX to be planted in its present location to keep this parking space open for his use, as the location of the space was secluded and offered afternoon shade and convenient access to the facility's entrance, and in order to discourage vandalism. The determination of the tree as a Safe object was kept as a single unsigned typewritten memorandum in Dr. W█████'s personal files. Pursuant to the terms of Dr. W█████'s retirement, no action has been taken against him, his instructions continue to be followed, and the designation as Safe remains in effect.


It is my personal determination, based on professional opinion, long experience with anomalous artifacts and objects, and analysis of the available facts, that the date-palm tree identified as SCP-XXXX is essentially safe. Any Class A or B staff who find themselves overly discomfited by its effects should consider this a sign that they should consider alternate employment. However, given the loss of life at the collection site at ███████, I have deemed it prudent that the tree not be allowed to propagate and have instituted procedures to that effect.

NOTICE [received as postcard, printed form with identifying information in hand-written block capitals, 11/4/97]
County of ██████
Office of Permits and Community Development

As the landholder of record, you are notified that the specimen of DATE PALM on your property and visible from the public right-of-way has been designated a "Heritage Tree" by the county government pursuant to the Heritage Tree Ordinance of 1993. The reason for inclusion on the Register is: Class 4, noteworthy ornamental skyline trees. Removal of this tree without prior consultation with this Office will result in a fine as specified by the ordinance. If you are unable to maintain this tree, or for more information, please call Maria Hildago, (███) ███████. Thanks for keeping █████████████ green!

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