Flame of Determination
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A recent photo of SCP-1077-1

Item #: SCP-1305

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1305-1 is kept in the medical bay of site 105 until further notice. His vitals are to be checked daily and his catheter checked and/or changed every six (6) hours. As SCP-1305-2 is locked to 1305-1 via brain waves, there is no needed containment. However, all personnel are advised to not make any communication with 1305-2 unless ordered. Also, a psychiatrist is to be on duty on all times, and doctors are to be inspected for items which 1305-2 can possess. 1305-1 is not to be taken out of his room without permission from both the Chief of Medicine on site, and 1305-2.

Description: SCP-1305-1 is a Caucasian male, with a height of 1.67 meters and a weight of 46 kg. He is estimated to be around 30 years old, and is from ███████, Australia. SCP-1305-1 is in a permanent coma due to a car accident when he was 24, causing heavy damage to the cerebral cortex. SCP-1305-2 is an incorporeal form nearly invisible to the naked eye, which appears as a large transparent wisp-type entity of indeterminable mass.

SCP-1305-2 has the ability to pass through any solid material and "posses" specific objects, allowing them to be moved, thrown, and on certain occasions, communicate to those around. The voice that it uses is always a baritone voice with a British inflection. The possessions have lead people to commit suicide due to pestering, go insane from paranoia, and become [EXPUNGED]. 1305-2 is bound to 1305-1 and can only travel a distance of thirty (30) meters from 1305-1.

SCP-1305-1 and SCP-1305-2 are connected somehow, brain activity in 10305-1 seems to control 1305-2's actions. This has lead to 1305-2 wandering around the medical bay, scaring doctors and searching for medicines to heal 1305-1. It's efforts have been fruitless thus far, as no standard treatment has healed 1305-1. 1305-2 has pleaded for SCP-500 to be used, but has thus far been denied, to continue brainwave study.

Many doctors and physiologists on site have speculated that 1305-1 is a separate being altogether from 1305-2, and have many different opinions on how the bond between the two came to be. The most popular among the staff of site 105 is that 1305-1 was actually an intended victim from 1305-2, but when he was in a coma (The accident is now believed to be premeditated by 1305-1) 1305-2 was unable to free himself from his presence. This is all speculation among the staff, however, as 1305-2 has denied to give any information regarding the subject.

Also note that 1305-2 is still to this day extremely violent, and will not hesitate to attack those who rub him the wrong way [sic].

Addendum #1: The following is a list of objects that SCP-1305-2 has been known to be able to possess:

  • Portraits
  • Busts
  • Vases
  • Aluminum cans
  • Books
  • Televisions
  • Candleabras
  • Glass bottles
  • Recording devices

Addendum #2: After first encountering SCP-1305-2, they have made several attempts to communicate with him. The following is a log of the interview that took place on ████████ 5th, 20██ (1305-2 was currently possessing a portrait of James Buchanan, with 1305-1 on a gurney outside of the room):

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████:: Hello? Who am I speaking to?

1305-2: The ghost of Christmas Past, buffoon. Why is it that you have denied my requests to-

Dr. ████:: That isn’t why I’m speaking to you, 1305-2.

1305-2: Please, call me Alfred Stradivarius, whelp.

Dr. ████:: 1305-2, listen to me. I only want to ask a few questions. Is that okay with you?

1305-2: [He is silent for a few moments before starting to chuckle] Ignoramus. Very well. Ask away.

Dr. ████:: Thank you. 1305-2. First of all, I'd like you to tell us about yourself. Family, country of origin, etcetera.

1305-2: I was born with no father. My mother was a drunkard who, amusingly, perished during my birth while inebriated. I was taken in by and old wretch of a woman. When I was 8, I believe? I entered into this state. I don't remember anything after that. Now, monkey, this interview is over.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [At this point in time, 1305-2 possessed the tape recorder and started blaring a rendition of “Go Your Own Way”, by Fleetwood Mac. The recorder was hurled at Dr. ████, knocking him unconscious.]

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