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Item #: SCP-967

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-967-1 and SCP-967-2 are to be secured in separate appropriate human living quarters. For morale and humanitarian purposes, subjects are to be kept healthy and granted reasonable requests regarding furnishing and recreation. Subjects should not be given extensive knowledge of other SCP items and have been equipped with tracking devices, although risk of escape or causing a safety breach is negligible. SCP-967-1 and -2 are currently housed in Research Sector-█.

Experiments intending to restrict the functionality of SCP-967 are suspended as of Incident 967-01.

Description: SCP-967-1 and -2 are Caucasian humans, respectively male and female. Found in ████, SCP-967-1 is a man, Jack L███, claiming to be 32 years of age at the time of his containment. SCP-967-2, ██ C█████, is 31 years old. They are of average build and are unremarkable in appearance and composition, beyond having above-average blood iron levels.

The hearts of SCP-967-1 and -2 always beat in unison. To maintain matching pulses, if either’s heart rate accelerates, the heart activity of the other will fluctuate accordingly.

Due to their condition, the subjects had previously been diagnosed with unexplained health issues. Both would occasionally experience chronic pain and heart palpitations. Alternatively, SCP-967-2 describes an instance of having difficulty increasing her own heart rate while exercising. SCP-967-1 would suffer sneezing fits despite not being in the presence of stimuli, now believed to be caused by SCP-967-2’s allergies.
The subjects report having not met before discovery and do not show notable interest in each other. It is not possible to determine how long the anomaly has been in effect. The subjects do not share a date of birth, however, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subjects have kept peaceful relations with staff members and agree to participate in experiments to understand their cardiac behavior. The attached Document 967-01 consists of excerpts from such tests.

Document 967-01:

Incident Report 967-01: An experiment conducted on 3/26/███ produced results indicating potential risks of SCP-967's effect. The incident has been transcribed using footage recovered from security cameras and the subjects' cardiac event monitors.

<Begin Log, 5:47 P.M.>
Agent ████ leads SCP-967-1 into room ██. SCP-967-2 is attended to by Dr. K██████ in an adjacent room, ██. SCP-967-1 is restricted on a reclining chair. SCP-967-2 inhales a small dose of Halothane vapor, soon losing consciousness for a short time. When SCP-967-2 is sufficiently unconscious SCP-967-1 is exposed to allergens. After one (1) minute and ██ seconds of this the subject declares the need to sneeze. SCP-967-2 does not awaken. Thirty (30) seconds pass and SCP-967-1 displays confusion, restating that the sneezing sensation has not ended.

By 5:53 P.M. the subject’s eyes begin to water slightly and subject whispers words unheard by the camera to Agent ████. Subject grimaces and shifts in his seat. After another minute the subject shouts that there is an itching inside of him. ████ does not react. Mild visual distortion affects the cameras located in both rooms for approximately 0.7 seconds. Heart rates rise steadily and SCP-967-1 writhes violently, indicating intense pain. Between screams, subject expresses beliefs that he is “about to explode” and being shredded apart, asking to be killed. At 5:56 P.M. Agent ████ walks toward a table in the nearest corner. Reaching off-screen, ████ produces a ███ revolver and returns to SCP-967-1. When Agent ████ does not respond to communication attempts, Dr. K██████ disconnects the gas supply from SCP-967-2 and exits his room to enter ████’s. Seeing ████ aiming the weapon at the subject’s chest, K██████ calls for assistance.

In room ██ SCP-967-2 wakes and the subjects immediately sneeze just as ████ discharges the weapon. SCP-967-1 screams again as blood appears to surge several centimeters above the left atrium. The heart rates of the subjects spike to over ███ bpm, rising and falling sporadically. Agent ████ drops the gun and is detained as back-up personnel arrive and SCP-967-1 is tended to. Clearing the blood, no injury is apparent and a bullet is found 0.5 meters away. Heartbeat does not return to normal before the subject is removed from the room at 5:59 P.M.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: Supported by a polygraph test, Agent ████ claims to not remember anything between thirty seconds and nine minutes of the experiment, and has been reassigned. Both ████ and Dr. K██████ insist that there was no firearm present in the room before the test began.
Tests performed on blood samples recovered from the incident showed partial [DATA EXPUNGED] otherwise identical to that of SCP-967-1.

Addendum 967-01: SCP-967-1 was given a class-B amnesiac following the events of Incident 967-01. While still somewhat cooperative and willing to talk with most other staff members, Subject is now easily irritable and distrustful of prolonged experimentation.

Addendum 967-02: At the request of O5-█, further testing of interference with SCP-967’s effect has been prohibited as dangerous to the individuals involved and their environment.
Note: Test results indicate that the effect will usually create a reason for the shift in heart rate. However, as recently witnessed, the specifics are… erratic and inconsistent. Observing how it works should be fine but the more you prod this thing the likelier something drastic will happen. Precautions need to be taken to keep the SCPs relatively safe. Possible [DATA EXPUNGED] if one dies without the other.
-Dr. W█████

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