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When you think of the SCP Foundation, a few genres come to mind: Horror, sci-fi, drama, sci-fi horror, dramatic sci-fi, so on and so forth. As the site moved away from such a heavy focus on horror after the Series I period and the release of SCP Containment Breach, it moved more firmly toward sci-fi with the introduction of Series II, and the tales were as drama-filled as they'd always been.

But there's one genre we don't see on this site very frequently, and contest hosts CyantreuseCyantreuse and DexanoteDexanote are hoping to shed some light on that genre: romance. ((Dex: Please fuck this sentence up somehow so that it doesn't run your name onto a separate name than your avatar, it's driving me crazy looking at it))

Now, that's not to say romance as a literary genre is all petals in the bathtub and happily ever after. Romance is a mess of emotion and interpersonal character interaction and everything in-between and beyond, and romance can easily mesh with horror, sci-fi, and of course drama. The goal of this contest is to bring some light to the way those elements can mesh and how romance can work as a genre on this site.


  • ((I strongly believe that we should say characters must be over 18 even without sexual content [a tale about, say, a child falling in love with an adult is still unacceptable in my eyes] but I want your opinion on this, Dex))
  • In order to qualify, the work must have to deal with love, romance, attraction, etc. between characters. There are a range of ways this can be worked into any narrative (see 'romance subplot' in nearly any blockbuster film or A-list teen dystopian novel) and thus, it should be the main plot element.
  • Both SCP articles and Tales are welcome.
  • All entries must be tagged as romcon2017.
  • Tale entries containing sexual content should be tagged adult.
    • Characters must be over 18 years of age. (You don't have to state their age in a way that screws up the flow of the narrative, but a reasonable person needs to be able to infer in the narrative that they are an adult.)
    • Characters must be emotionally and biologically capable of sapient thought and consent.
    • ((Need a non-inflammatory way to say anything depicted has to be consensual, without causing debate about the boundaries of what is or is not consent.))
  • Similarly, SCP articles which have a sexual element having a great deal to do with how the anomaly functions do have a tag now, but you can leave this up to the tagging team as you would with any other SCP article.

Submission Parameters:

  • Submissions open at 00:00 (12 midnight) Eastern Standard Time on February 8, 2017.
  • Submissions close at 23:59 (11:59 pm) Eastern Standard Time on February 15, 2017.
  • Judging begins immediately afterward and ends at 23:59 (11:59 PM) Eastern Standard Time on February 19, 2017.
  • All entries should be tagged as romcon2017.
    • If your entry is a Tale that contains sexual content, it should additionally be tagged as adult. (See above for discrepancies.)

Judging & Winning Parameters:

  • Entries must be rated above +10 at the end of the reviewing period (23:59 EST 02.19.17) in order to qualify. ((Dex: open to other suggestions, but thinking the history contest's rating rule was a good qualifier))
  • The winners will be chosen in order of highest rating, as per the standard.
  • SCP articles and Tales will be listed as separate categories (as seen in the D-class contest) but there will still be an overall first place winner.
  • The first three winners ((Dex: The first three? The one first place? The winning SCP and the winning tale?)) will be displayed on the front page of the site for ((what period of time?))
  • Dexanote and Cyantreuse will pick their personal favorites and list them in a separate category at the end of the judging period in forum posts ((Dex: or on the page itself?)), with their reasons for picking.

Answered Questions:

Get either Cyantreuse or Dexanote on IRC and/or Wikidot if you have questions. We will get to your questions as soon as is possible.

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