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Photographs of both sides of SCP-###

Item #: SCP-###

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a secure locker when not undergoing testing, accessible only by L3 personnel or their authorised assistants.

Object is to be kept in a lead-lined safe with an electronic lock, and the safe is to rest on an electronic scale. Any change in weight will trigger an alarm, and containment breach procedures must then be initiated.

Safe and scales are to be kept in a purpose-built secure room, airtight and lead shielded. Room is to be guarded at all times by a single security guard of L2 or higher. This guard must be isolated from other personnel at all times, remaining within an adjoining isolated room. During shift changes guards must take care not to observe each other.

Testing authority is currently suspended, pending appeal to O5-█ from Dr. A███████, but should testing resume any handling of the object must be carried out by a single researcher of L3 or higher, and corridors between containment and testing cleared during transportation.

Object must never be contained on any Foundation site that is also used to contain any humanoid SCP of Keter classification.

Description: Object appears to be an Australian coin, denomination 50 cents, stamped with the year 1974. A casual observer would see nothing unusual, but examination reveals many discrepancies.

While the object is circular, genuine 1974 coins of this denomination were 12-sided; circular 50c coins were discontinued in 1969. Also, the portrait on the “heads” side of the coin is reversed, facing left instead of right. Numismatic experts have noted █ other discrepancies, listed in ###-Supp018.

Object’s anomalous nature is manifested when a human subject (hereby designated “the target”) obtains the coin and carries it on their person, such as in a pocket, wallet, or purse. Target suffers no direct effect from the object.

Any nearby human (hereby designated “the subject”) who observes the target via direct line of sight will undergo sudden changes in behaviour. All apparent conscious brain function ceases, and the subject becomes aggressive, enraged, and animalistic.

At this point, the subject will immediately attempt to approach the target and attack with bare hands and teeth. Subject exhibits no aggression toward any other humans in the vicinity, only the target, but others may be accidentally injured if they stand in the path of a subject who is rushing to attack.

All subjects tested have been affected, with nobody so far exhibiting resistance. Even when the subject and target know each other well, including close friends and [DATA EXPUNGED] the aggression effect is undiminished.

When the target is deceased, the attack will cease, and subject will enter a semi-catatonic state, unresponsive to stimuli, and will eventually regain their normal personality. Recovery time varies, but the shortest and longest observed have been four minutes and two hours respectively. Subjects will appear normal, though many report symptoms such as fatigue and difficulty concentrating for up to 48 hours.

When told about or shown the target, they will have no recollection of the period of the attack, and if target was [DATA EXPUNGED] exhibit typical grief behaviour.

Subjects typically report self-inflicted injuries, such as bruising and grazes, broken or dislocated fingers, lost teeth, and [DATA EXPUNGED] indicating that SCP-### does not confer any unusual physical attributes beyond an elevated adrenal response and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum: Object has exhibited additional anomalous behaviour previously unknown to research personnel as recorded in incident log ###-InLog002. Object reclassified Euclid, special containment procedures altered, and all testing suspended indefinitely by order of O5-█.

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