SCP-### Experiment Logs

Foreword: Due to the high potential for loss of D-class personnel during experimentation, a small, dedicated experimentation facility has been constructed adjacent to the SCP-### containment cells. It consists of a circular room 22m in diameter with four round cells 2m across in the centre, made of [DATA EXPUNGED] which is both transparent and very strong. The cells may be retracted into the ceiling when not in use.

The transparent cells should theoretically allow observation of the aggressive effect without specimens necessarily being terminated. Also, rounded walls rather than corners should minimise self-harm, in theory. The whole thing is fitted with mics, speakers, and video cameras, but we’ve deliberately avoided building viewport windows as that would just seem like we’re asking for trouble. - Dr. A██████

Experiment ###-A1

Two D-class, D-9954 and D-9967, placed in experimentation area with SCP containment safe unlocked but closed. Both were asked how they felt about each other and expressed indifference.

D-9967 was asked to open the door of the safe. When asked what was inside, he responded, “Nothing, it’s-“ before being interrupted by D-9954 striking him from behind. The attack was allowed to run its course.

Immediately upon the target expiring, the attacker ceased showing any signs of aggression. Apparently docile, he walked slowly to the outer wall of the room and lay down, apparently asleep. He did not respond to any further commands until almost five hours later, when he came suddenly awake, apparently startled.

D-class was instructed to approach the deceased subject but expressed extreme distress and reluctance. On threat of termination, he approached to around 3m and stopped. He professed complete ignorance as to how the other subject had been killed, then complained of pain in his fingers and jaw.

D-class was then instructed to approach closer to deceased subject, which he did with great reluctance. When he said, “There, but I ain’t touchin’ it,” all researchers reported feeling sudden anger toward the subject, indicating that the SCP had completed transfer.

Dr. A[redacted] tried to instruct the subject to search his pockets for a coin and put that coin in the safe, but was overcome by the urge to direct verbal abuse at the subject. With great difficulty, the instructions were explained to the subject, who exhibited extreme distress at the sudden hostility, but complied. When the SCP was placed in the safe, the feelings of hostility subsided within seconds.

Surviving D-class was removed for further testing. He was found to have lost two teeth, which were subsequently discovered in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Note: We were always going to expend some D-class in this series of tests, so best to knock one off at the start and set a baseline for SCP behaviour. We’ll work to minimise waste of specimens in future tests. – Dr. A██████

Experiment ###-A2

D-9967 was used once again due to his previous experience meaning he would theoretically require less instruction. He was brought into the experimentation room alone and instructed to stand beside the closed SCP container. Once in position, a transparent cell was lowered over him.

Ten other D-class were then admitted into the room. Each was asked if they were familiar with D-9967 and if they bore him any hostility. All answered in the negative.

D-9967 was then instructed to open the unlocked safe and report what he could see inside. His response was transcribed thus:

“Um, I don’t see anything. Oh wait, it’s that coin from yesterday, I think. Wait, it’s not th- Jesus Christ!”

All ten D-class outside the cell had begun throwing themselves at the transparent barrier, emitting vocalisations most adequately described as screams, snarls, and howls.

Researchers struggled be heard giving instructions over the noise, but it provided one unforeseen advantage: the research team could not hear D-9967’s responses and subsequently experienced none of the psychological effects observed in experiment ###-A1. Researchers repeated their instructions to find the coin and place it back in the safe.

Around three minutes later, sounds of violence ceased, and only the sound of D-9967’s weeping could be heard. Researchers instructed him to close the door of the safe but he stated that he had already done so. Reprimand for acting without instruction was judged to be unreasonable in this case, so no comment was made.

Subject was assured that other D-class would no longer be hostile and transparent barrier was raised despite his protests. No attack followed. Several D-class asked what was happening and complained of pain from self-inflicted injuries, primarily to fingers, but also to faces, elbows, knees, and toes.

All D-class returned to containment without incident and allowed relevant medical attention. Continued observation revealed no abnormalities in their behaviour.

Note: How strange. Why is it that the same violent fugue state and subsequent near-catatonia will affect subjects differently depending on whether the subject dies or not? There’s something going on here that we’re not grasping. Some kind of [DATA EXPUNGED] perhaps? Fanciful perhaps, but arguably plausible. I am eager to test this further. – Dr. A██████

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