Procedure ###-L

Procedure ###-L: In case of SCP-### containment breach, the following steps must be followed:

1. Locating the current whereabouts of SCP-### is the top priority. Containment team personnel should work alone but remain in frequent radio contact. Sudden negative feelings toward other personnel or sudden feelings of paranoia are the surest signs that somebody has been compromised. In the unlikely event that SCP-### is initially detected visually, finder is to notify the containment team via radio and then remain close to the subject until compromised.

2. When a member of the containment team is certain they have been compromised, they must inform the rest of the team via radio that they are bringing it in. All those in radio contact will feel hostility, jealousy, and other negative feelings toward the compromised team member, but this should be easily overcome by those with adequate training.

3. A lead container will be left open in a central location, preferably ###-Ca if it close enough to be practical. The compromised person will proceed carefully to this location along a route designated to avoid contact with all other personnel. Other members of the containment team will ensure they have evacuated the route and removed all other personnel.

4. SCP-### will be removed from the compromised person’s possession and placed in a designated safe container, which will then be sealed. After five minutes, compromised person will attempt radio contact with containment team and confirm that irrational feelings of hostility have subsided.

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