Procedure ###-S

Procedure ###-S: Shift changes for SCP-### guards are to be carried out as follows:

1. At designated shift change time, the guard on duty will con firm that the door between ###-Ca and ###-Cb is closed and locked, and then observe the weight readings for the subject’s container. If they are normal, guard will proceed to step 2. If they are abnormal, guard will immediately commence Procedure ###-L.

2. Guard on duty will activate the buzzer and wait. Relief guard will then activate the other buzzer located in the nearby debriefing room, indicating that shift change is confirmed and underway, then proceed to step 3. If no response is received, guard on duty will wait ten minutes and then try step 2 again.

3. Relief guard will proceed to the external door of SCP-###’s containment and knock. Guard on duty will open viewing hatch and allow himself to be seen by relief guard. If a passive response is received, proceed to step 4. If any aggression occurs, guard on duty is to close hatch and commence Procedure ###-L.

4. Relief guard will step to one side, turn back to door, and close eyes. Guard on duty will once again confirm weight reading has not changed, and then open door and proceed to debriefing room. Relief guard will then proceed to step 5. If weight reading has changed, guard on duty will close door and commence Procedure ###-S while relief guard returns to debriefing room.

5. Relief guard, now designated guard on duty, will enter ###-Cb and close external door. Guard will observe weight reading and, if normal, is free to spend the following shift in any manner they wish. They are encouraged to eat and sleep as needed.

Note: I know this procedure may seem overly restrictive, but it has been designed for your safety. Deviate from this procedure at your own risk. - Dr. A██████

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