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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the Procedures]
Description: SCP-XXX is a Victorian-style Roman Catholic cathedral located southeast of Potranan, Ireland. It is surrounded by an abandoned town, lightly overrun with vegetation and animal life. The Vatican and Irish government neither have documentation of the cathedral's construction, or documentation of the town around it. Age estimates based on building style and cultural symbols place the cathedral at roughly 230 years of age, although carbon-dating shows [REDACTED].

Despite the deterioration of SCP-XXX's surroundings, the cathedral itself is in perfect condition. No vegetation grows inside SCP-XXX or in excess of 0.75 meters on the outer walls. Animals appear to have a natural aversion to the cathedral. Even though spectrographic analysis shows the stone that composes SCP-XXX to be natural, the cathedrals outer structure and exterior show little to no erosion damage.

The interior of SCP-XXX is completely composed of SCP-XXX-1. SCP-XXX-1 is a mixture of human and animal remains which makes up SCP-XXX's objects, and also composes the floors, walls and windows. Occasionally conglomerates composed of remains from different species will become animate independently of SCP-XXX.

When animate, SCP-XXX-1 will actively seek out corpses that are within SCP-XXX and if one is found SCP-XXX-1 will then remove all soft tissue. SCP-XXX-1 will transport the bones to the nearest vacant point within SCP-XXX and integrate itself and the new bones into SCP-XXX. If SCP-XXX-1 is unable to find a deceased organism after 1-2 hours of animation, it will collapse and integrate itself into the floor and nearby objects. If large enough amounts of bone mass have been collected into SCP-XXX's structure, sections may briefly become animate, breaking off the main building and forming into chairs, tables or other objects.

As of █/██/2███ 3 separate deviations exist from this behaviour in SCP-XXX-1 instances. They are as follows;


SCP-XXX-2: SCP-XXX-2 appears to be formed of the cranium, pelvis and humerus of adult humans of both genders, but due to SCP-XXX-2's nature, an exact index of bones is impossible. These bones are organized into 8 mandibles surrounding a central mass of pelvic bones arranged in a circle. SCP-XXX-2 is located at the end of the most Southerly corridor of SCP-XXX, at the top of a dome-shaped room.

When any organism - living or dead - is below SCP-XXX-2, the mandibles will snap shut, crushing the organism's body. They will carry it into the central mass where it is pulled into the base of SCP-XXX-2 by a contractive motion of the pelvic bones. After the organism enters SCP-XXX-2, it takes between 15-30 seconds before the mandibles relax and return to their former position. While the mandibles are not relaxed, additional organisms placed at the center of the dome fail to trigger the response of SCP-XXX-2.


SCP-XXX-3: SCP-XXX-3 appears to be formed of the cranium, femur, sternum and teeth of species of hominidae, canidae and rodentia, but due to SCP-XXX-3's nature, an exact index of bones is impossible. Craniums, femurs and sternums are organized into a spherical chamber, while teeth are secreted from spaces in between other bones during activity. SCP-XXX-3 is located beneath the center of SCP-XXX, the only access way through a collapsed floor on the ground level of SCP-XXX.

When an object enters SCP-XXX-3, it triggers violent convulsions of the walls of SCP-XXX while teeth are excreted out of spaces between bones. The rapid movement of SCP-XXX-3 crushes and grinds bodies reducing them to granules no larger than 1.75 cm across. Following this, rhythmic contractions of SCP-XXX-3 open an orifice on its bottom and the granules of matter exit SCP-XXX-3, at which point convulsions cease and SCP-XXX-3 returns to a dormant state.

SCP-XXX-4 while closed.

SCP-XXX-4: SCP-XXX-4 resembles a large, modified human eye with a 4 meter diameter. The eyelid of SCP-XXX-4 is formed from the craniums of adult female humans, and the femurs and ribs of several unknown species. The eye of SCP-XXX-4 is composed of various tissues derived from the exoskeletons of insects. The craniums, femurs and ribs are organized into a wall around SCP-XXX-4, while the insect tissues form the pupil, iris and cornea (deeper investigation is impossible due to the size of SCP-XXX-4). SCP-XXX-4 is located at the top chamber of the north westerly tower of SCP-XXX, hanging from the ceiling by femurs.

When SCP-XXX-4 becomes active, the exterior of SCP-XXX-4 peels back, revealing the cornea of SCP-XXX-4. SCP-XXX-4 will follow any moving object or person in the room, and will shift between subjects if more than one move at once. Subjects report an 'uneasiness' when being watched by SCP-XXX-4, although it is unknown if this is a natural reaction to being watched or is a direct effect of SCP-XXX-4 watching someone.

Addendum: As of █/██/2███, 5 expeditions have taken place to ascertain SCP-XXX's size and to map it.

SCP-XXX-E1: Expedition into the interior of SCP-XXX. (1 fatality.)
SCP-XXX-E2: Expedition into the upper floors of SCP-XXX. (None.)
SCP-XXX-E3: Expedition into the catacombs of SCP-XXX. (1 fatality.)
SCP-XXX-E4: Expedition into the catacombs of SCP-XXX. (3 fatalities.)
[DATA EXPUNGED]: [REDACTED]. (8 missing.)


Subject is D-25586, 26 years of age, female, strong physique. Subject's background shows two instances of first-degree murder. Video feed begins after Subject enters SCP-XXX.

Subject is issued a field kit containing:

  • One 75 watt flood lamp, with battery power capable of lasting 12 hours.
  • One handheld camcorder with streaming feed.
  • One audio headset.
  • Two 0.5 liter bottles of water.
  • One 300-gram nutrient bar.
  • Five test tubes.
  • One scalpel.

Begin log:

Subject activates the handheld camcorder after entering SCP-XXX and pans the camera over the corridor in front of her, revealing a number of benches and ornamental decorations, all composed of remains. Subject is instructed to walk further down the corridor and activate her flood lamp. Flood lamp reveals the hallway extends for an additional 16 meters in front of her, ending at a large double door. Subject continues down corridor for another 13 meters before evidence of damage becomes apparent on the door, a 0.75-meter hole on the lower right section. Closer inspection reveals damage to be consistent with incomplete construction.

Control instructs subject to open the door. Subject remarks the door is '[EXPLETIVE REDACTED] heavy'. Subject enters a large chapel, with pews, alter and series of murals composed of SCP-XXX-1. Two doors are present on the east and south ends of the chapel. Subject switches off flood lamp, citing the windows as providing enough light. Control reminds subject that she should not deviate from orders, before instructing subject to reactivate the flood lamp and approach the alter. Alter appears to be made of the ribs of a large mammal, with cloth composed of insect wing tissue. Subject comments on a series of brown stains to the lower left of the cloth. Control orders subject to take a sample of the cloth where the brown stain is present. Subject takes out a single test tube and scalpel, cutting a 8cm section of the cloth and storing it.

Control orders subject to proceed through the door on the east end of the chapel. Subject begins moving to the south end of the chapel, before control reminds subject of the correct direction of east. Subject turns , heading towards the east end of the chapel. Subject pauses six meters away from the east door of the chapel, asking control if they hear something. Three seconds later, the sound of cracking bones dominates the audio feed, an animate SCP-XXX-1 entity breaks away from the roof of the chapel. Animate SCP-XXX-1 appears to be spider-shaped, roughly one meter in diameter.

It drops to floor of the chapel and begins moving towards Subject. Subject panics, sprinting to the eastern door and pushing it open. Control chastises subject for not staying with the SCP-XXX-1 entity for research purposes (at this time little study had been conducted) to which subject responds that 'I'm not stickin' around [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] undead!'. Subject opens door slightly and looks back into the chapel, revealing the SCP-XXX-1 event has left the room. Subject swears loudly numerous times at control for not warning her about the '[EXPLETIVE REDACTED] zombie giant spiders' before calming down. As the SCP-XXX-1 instance has vanished, Subject is ordered to continue down the hall.

The camcorder pans around, revealing a number of distinct spaces along the southern wall where bones should be. Subject pauses at each space, lowering the camcorder for footage of each indentation. Scrapes distinctive of movement are evident where SCP-XXX-1 in the wall would've connected to that in the indentation.

Subject continues down hallway for three meters before reaching a set of double doors. Subject is instructed to open doors and continue into the room. Subject pauses to drink from one of the 0.5 litre water bottles before continuing. The doors open to a dome-shaped area, a chandelier composed of SCP-XXX-1 dangles from the ceiling. There is a single door to the southern wall of the room, and pews are arranged in a circular fashioned around the center. Subject walks towards the center of the room before stopping four feet from a hole in the floor. Control inquires into Subject's actions. Subject responds by raising the camcorder towards the hole and angling it downwards.

The hole opens up to a sphere with walls composed of SCP-XXX-1 (this is later indentified to be SCP-XXX-3). A loud snap is heard over the audio, and the camcorder's feed jostles briefly as Subject jumps backwards. Subject swears repeatedly as a number of bones tumble from the ledge she was standing on into SCP-XXX-3. SCP-XXX-3 active state is triggered, and the room begins to shake as rapid contractions of SCP-XXX-3 begin. Control orders Subject to obtain footage of SCP-XXX-3 before exiting. Later examination of this footage reveals the bones to have formed an SCP-XXX-1 animate instance.

Subject runs to the Southern doors after gaining 27 seconds of footage. These doors bear signs of incomplete construction similar to those that were the entrance of the chapel. Subject enters into a hallway of indeterminate length, the flood light is unable to illuminate the entire passage. Mild tremors continue to shake the ground from SCP-XXX-3 as subject begins moving down the hallway. After roughly 20 meters, loud cracking of bones dominates the audio feed and the camcorder pans around to face the door which Subject entered through. An animate SCP-XXX-1 instance is breaking off the eastern wall.

Control orders subject to obtain footage of the SCP-XXX-1 being, Subject's breathing becomes laboured and begins backing away slowly from the SCP-XXX-1 animate instance. Animate SCP-XXX-1 instance is in the shape of a large arthropod, 0.4 meters in diameter. SCP-XXX-1 being begins moving closer to Subject before Subject panics and backs away 5 meters. SCP-XXX-1 being turns away from Subject and crawls onto the double doors leading to SCP-XXX-3. SCP-XXX-1 animate instance leaves camcorder's view after moving through the hole of incomplete construction in the doors.

Subject pleads with control if she can leave from SCP-XXX, before control declines and requests she continue to 'at least a few more rooms'. Subject sighs and begins travelling down hallway before reaching a small open dome with three other passageways. Room is illuminated by four windows composed of SCP-XXX-1, and also has a number of statues and a rug. Control chooses the eastern passage at random. Subject continues uneventfully for 20 meters before reaching a single door showing signs of slight fatigue. Control orders Subject to open door.

Subject enters a large windowless room with an identified SCP-XXX-1 composed object hanging from the ceiling by chains of skeletal tissue.(later identified as SCP-XXX-2). Camcorder pans the room as Subject begins moving towards its center.

A massive crack, followed by Subject's screams fill the audio as the camcorder is tossed across the air and skids across the ground. Large amounts of blood can be seen falling from off screen onto the ground before camcorder cuts out. Subject's screams cut out after six seconds. Subject is presumed deceased and expedition over.

Camcorder link re-establishes 2 hours later, showing a number of animate SCP-XXX-1 entities looking directly into the camcorder's lens, giving the appearance they are looking at the observer of the footage. One entity approaches the camera before the link is terminated.


Subject is D-04992, 38 years of age, female, average physique. Subject's background shows three instances of assault and battery, and one instance of armed robbery. Video feed begins after Subject reaches the southern doors of the first chapel of SCP-XXX.

Subject is issued a field kit containing:

  • One 150 watt flood lamp, with battery power capable of lasting 12 hours.
  • One handheld camcorder with streaming feed.
  • One audio headset.
  • Two 0.5 litre bottles of water.
  • One 300-gram nutrient bar.
  • Five test tubes.
  • One scalpel.

Begin Log:

Camcorder activates as Subject reaches the set of southern doors of the first chapel of SCP-XXX. Subject pans camcorder around the room, giving commentary on the interior of SCP-XXX. Control orders subject to open the southern set of doors. Subject complies, beginning to open the door before a series of loud cracks come from the opposite side of the room. An animate SCP-XXX-1 instance begins to form out of the bones of the northern wall. Subject becomes agitated, swearing before exiting the chapel out of the southern doors.

Subject has entered a large stairwell composed of SCP-XXX-1. Stairwell leads both towards the upper floors of SCP-XXX and lower floors. Control randomly chooses the upper floors, and subject begins climbing the stairs after the decision has been made. After climbing the first two flights of stairs, chains of small bones appear to be dangling out of the walls at some points. Subject briefly touches one, before pulling her hand back, remarking that the bones feel like they are moving. Control orders subject to collect a handful bones from the chain, which she complies, storing it in a test tube. (Later analysis shows the bones to be frog, feline and mammalian ear bones).

Subject continues up stairs for another flight, before pausing. Subject pans camcorder towards the wall, focusing it on a single chain of bones. Subject tells control to watch the chain, and pushes on the floor beneath her with the heel of her foot. The chain of bones appears to shift. Subject inquires as to if the chain has moved, which control responds 'yes' and reminds subject to continue. Subject pans camcorder around to a set of double doors and begins to push open one of them.

The room entered is dome-shaped, at the far end a large mass of bones condensed in a sphere resides (later identified as SCP-XXX-4). Numerous chains of bone connect the sphere to the walls, and others hang down from the ceiling. Subject pans camcorder around the room, citing a lack of other doors. Control requests subject exit SCP-XXX and drop off the sample of bone chain before continuing down the stairwell.

One SCP-XXX-1 animate instance is observed in the chapel, however Subject's return out of SCP-XXX is mostly uneventful.


Subject is D-04992, 38 years of age, female, average physique. Subject's background shows three instances of assault and battery, and one instance of armed robbery. Subject participated in SCP-XXX-E2. Camera feed begins after Subject enters stairwell.
Subject is issued a field kit containing:

  • One 150 watt flood lamp, with battery power capable of lasting 12 hours.
  • One handheld camcorder with streaming feed.
  • One audio headset.
  • Two 0.5 litre bottles of water.
  • One 300-gram nutrient bar.
  • Five test tubes.
  • One scalpel.

Video feed cuts in, followed shortly by audio. Subject inquires to control, 'if she's suppose to go down now'. Control affirms. Subject begins her descent down the stairwell for three flights before visible signs of deterioration of the structure are evident. The steps have become smoother in some areas, and pockets of the walls are missing. Subject stops mid-descent of the fourth flight before pointing the deterioration to control. Control orders subject to continue her descent.

Subject covers an additional two flights of stairs before the stairwell's steps degenerate to little more than a bumped slope. The walls of the stairwell have become curved into a parabola. At this point bone makeup is showing differences, a lack of complexity as shown in the main level and upper levels of SCP-XXX. Subject pans camera upwards to reveal a number of bone chains snaking along the underside of the steps.

Descent continued for another minute and thirty seconds before an exit becomes visible. Exit is a tunnel composed of the ribs of a large animal. Subject pauses, panning the camera over the opening before control tells her to continue. A clacking noise is heard in the background of the audio feed, and when questioned, Subject replies that she also hears it. At roughly halfway through the tunnel, the camera records an opening in the bones, at which point control requests Subject to push the camera lens through the hole.

Subject mutters 'Jesus Christ' as she pushes the camera through the hole. The opening beyond the camera extends out of the range of the 150 watt flood lamp, twelve other distinct rib-bridges being visible. Clumps of bone chains connects the bridges together, and appear to also connect the bridges to areas outside of the visible range of the camera. The chains which connect the bridge Subject is on move frequently. Control requests Subject to stop moving, which she responds, 'I'm not.'

After sufficient footage is gathered, Subject continues for roughly fifty meters before reaching an opening. The opening is a large cavity, with multiple tunnels intersecting into the cavity. Subject walks to the center of the room, before camcorder spins quickly, focusing on one of the tunnels. Subject asks control if they are picking up anything. Control boosts audio feed, and a distinct clacking sound similar to that on the rib-bridge is audible. (Note; At this point audio and visual feed shows signs of increasing interference. It is unknown if this is caused by Subject's depth or another phenomena.)

Subject asks control if she can leave, to which control denies and requests she continue. Subject groans and takes out one of the 0.5 Litre water bottles, drinking its entirety and throwing it onto the ground. Camcorder spins again, focusing on a different tunnel.

Camcorder and audio feed is interrupted for thirty seconds. When they return, Subject is yelling for Control's response, and visual feed is choppy and rapidly switching between tunnels. Control requests Subject to stop. Subject yells an explicative at control before calming slightly. Subject asks to leave before feed is interrupted for six seconds.

Visual feed returns, showing Subject is waving the camcorder widely. A number of SCP-XXX-1 entities are visible at the entrances of tunnels. Audio feed cuts in for three seconds before losing cohesion. During this time feed is dominated by Subject sobbing and loud clacking noises.

Camcorder's feed suddenly flings upwards and cuts out.

Addendum-1-E3: It should be noted that a secondary opening has appeared on SCP-XXX-3 after this expedition. Samples of bone tissue taken from the opening has proven to contain traces of DNA of the Subject of SCP-XXX-E2/3.

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