Dingerous sandbox

Item #: SCP- XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- XXX is held at Mobile Sector 14 in the ████████ ██████ in order to minimize any and all civilian contact. A 25 kilometer no fly zone is to be encircle the Sector in order to safeguard accidental sightings of the Subject. The encloser that surrounds the SCP is made up of a special type of polymer 1 meter thick that specializes in high acceleration impacts and is reinforced with concrete, also 1 meter thick. A sub-epidermic tracking device is planted on the subject to ensure that it is continueously moving and should be checked for damages every week. Medical team is on stand by in the center of the encloser in case SCP- XXX stops for a period of 10 seconds.

Description: SCP- XXX is a male Caucasian 185 cm and 55 kg and is said to be the age of 26. The subject prior to recover has reported to have been kidnapped and experimented on with an unknown type of █████████, clarification is still pending but the results of the experiments have proven to be real as SCP- XXX seems to endlessly create a build up of what is theorized is potential energy within his body. The build up rate is not accurate but it stems from how long the Subject is not moving and the intensity of the movement. The best release of the potential energy is for The Subject to run in speeds impossible to reach for a human to achieve, this is due to the conversion of the potential energy into kinetic energy which is released from the body as a blue aura that varies in intensity with the amount of speed that is produced. Should SCP- XXX stop moving for an unknown period of time, the build up of potential energy would result in an unvariable release of kinetic energy and would destroy the circumference of The SCP consistent to the amount of time while The Subject suffers only from mild exhaustion.

Additional Notes: SCP-XXX after containment has not requested any food or has not shown any incidences of being tired, Dr. ███ believes that a small portion of potential energy is used to fuel The Subject's body and acts as a nutritional substitute for his cells to absorb. How this is done is still not known.

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