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SCP-XXXX. Image pulled from local newspaper story about an engineering project SCP-XXXX was assigned to.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a standard humanoid domicile at Site-81. SCP-XXXX is to be given a standard ration of food and drink, with a special ration of one bottle of Bacardi 151 proof rum daily. Containment personnel are to supervise SCP-XXXX in order to ensure that it finishes the bottle over the course of a 24 hour period.

Class A, B, C, E, F, X, Y, and XX amnestics are not to be administered to SCP-XXXX. Testing has proven that no currently applicable amnestic has any effect on the cognitive capabilities of SCP-XXXX, and serves only to interfere with its daily intake of alcohol. Testing of prototype amnestics on SCP-XXXX is suspended.

Updated Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has been neutralized, and its remains incinerated. No additional containment procedures are required.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 56 year old Caucasian male, previously William Stancombe, an engineer, formerly of Athens, Georgia, USA. SCP-XXXX is in poor physical health, due in no small part to its history of severe alcoholism. This conditions has been attributed to its anomalous nature.

SCP-XXXX is functionally omniscient. Over the course of several individual tests, SCP-XXXX was consistently able to prove a thorough knowledge of any location, object, or event on Earth. The effect appears to be limitless, although SCP-XXXX does exhibit considerable discomfort and stress while accessing information about other anomalous objects or entities. Additionally, SCP-XXXX is finds it difficult to describe events happening beyond the outer reaches of the Earth's exosphere (roughly 800km).

SCP-XXXX has self-medicated by way of maintaining a consistently dangerous blood/alcohol level, which leads it to being constantly in an advanced state of inebriation. SCP-XXXX claims that its inebriation "mutes" the constant stream of information to a level it is able to process comfortably. While SCP-XXXX's ability is significantly diminished when the subject is heavily intoxicated, this practice has the additional consequence of significantly damaging SCP-XXXX's physical well-being. As of July 2009, SCP-XXXX has been diagnosed with severe liver cirrhosis.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was first contained by embedded Foundation after the subject sought treatment at the Clarke County Center for Mental Wellness (now defunct). After SCP-XXXX was able to correctly identify sensitive information about the staff members at the CCCMW, doctors in Atlanta were contacted to perform additional evaluations. Foundation staff members intercepted these messages, and took SCP-XXXX into protective containment themselves.

Despite having a functional knowledge of the layout of the entirety of Site-81, SCP-XXXX has to date made no attempts to escape containment. SCP-XXXX has maintained its desire to rid itself of its anomalous condition. As such, SCP-XXXX is generally cooperative during testing.

Addendum XXXX.1: Test Logs

The following tests were performed to gauge the accuracy and limits of SCP-XXXX's total cognitive awareness. These tests were designed to specifically test information that SCP-XXXX would have had no possible access to otherwise.

Test # Description Result Notes
0001 SCP-XXXX asked to identify the color of a pen in Researcher Davis' pocket. SCP-XXXX correctly identified that Researcher Davis only had a mechanical pencil and fifteen cents in change in their pocket. Test determined to be too easily solved using visual cues.
0005 SCP-XXXX asked to name Researcher Flora's extended family. SCP-XXXX provides names, dates of birth, dates of death and other miscellaneous information about Researcher Flora's family going back ten generations. Foundation resources confirm the results. SCP-XXXX's omniscience confirmed. Further tests to clarify the boundaries thereof.
0023 SCP-XXXX asked to predict the outcome of Super Bowl XLI at the beginning of the 2006 season. SCP-XXXX predicted a 35-19 New England Patriots victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Outcome of Super Bowl XLI was a 29-17 Indianapolis Colts victory over the Chicago Bears. SCP-XXXX's omniscience confirmed to be limited to the present and past.
0047 SCP-XXXX asked to name every documented immigrant to the United States between 1900 and 1920, well before SCP-XXXX was born. SCP-XXXX is able to accurately name every single recorded immigrant. When asked, SCP-XXXX confirms their knowledge is based on their ability to access written records that still exist within the United States today.
0048 SCP-XXXX asked to name the nine individuals who perished in the San Marcos de la Vida Eterna Church fire in 1903. Note: The names of these individuals had been thoroughly removed from any historical record due to the events of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-XXXX is unable to name any of the nine individuals. For more information, see Addendum XXXX.2.

Addendum XXXX.2: Interview

The following interview took place after Test XXXX.0048, and was conducted by Dr. Turu.

Dr. Turu: Why weren't you able to name those individuals?

SCP-XXXX: Because you don't know them either. Or nei- nobody else does, neither. Tha… that's not true though, somebody knows. One person, or… maybe one, or three… somebody knows. I can see that they know, but they've done something to their minds, it's— it's not like I can't see it, I can see it, just like everythi… everything else, but *hic* when I look at it I hurt pretty bad, boss. Like staring at the sun, it's… you can see it? But you can't at the same time.

Dr. Turu: Are you experiencing the same sensation as you did when we asked you to observe SCP-███?

SCP-XXXX: Yeah, I… *hic* I can see it's there, but can't see what it looks like, it hurts too much. Like it… like it's bright and foggy, and the fog is dark and burns your eyes if you open them too much, and the light too? I dunno, man, it's *hic* hard to describe.

Dr. Turu: I see. Is there anything else you can't see?

SCP-XXXX: P— plenty. I can't see what's going to… or what will happen, or what's going to happen, in a *hic* bit. Some of it I can see, you know. All of the variables and different… like different things that might happen or might not. You see a puzzle in a box and all the pieces are blue, you know that it'll *hic* be blue, not green or red, but you don't know it will be an ocean, or a b… a bird, or a ball, just blue. The future is like that, but too far out and there are— just too many variables, things that might or might not hap… might not be there.

Dr. Turu: Anything else?

SCP-XXXX: Can't see around the dark things— the other ones like me, or where I am, under me somewhere, but they're there. You can see a shadow, and if *hic* people know about it then maybe I can know what they know, or I do know what they know, but… you can't look at it directly.

Dr. Turu: Do you have any idea why?

SCP-XXXX: Something about what makes them how they are, where they came from, who *hic* they… I don't know if they're all from here or even real, or if they got made that way by something. There are lines between everything, lines… like faults, or cracks *hic* fractures between the gears, and something behind it that just corrupts things. It's big, and you can see it's there because of how *hic* dark it makes things when it's standing… standing over, or on top of, inside?.. them. It doesn't like to be looked at. It looks at me sometimes.

Dr. Turu: I see.

SCP-XXXX: Please, can you tell… or have them in the next room, the bottle, the rum? Man needs to get *hic* himself some drank, you know.

Dr. Turu: Not quite yet. We have one more round of tests before you can return to your domicile.

SCP-XXXX: Alright, alright. I hear you. Suits gotta *hic* keep the man down. You'd think if a guy could know… uh, know all, and see all, that he could get a… fucking… a goddamn drink, is what I'm saying. You get me.

Addendum XXXX.3: Test XXXX.0119

On ██.██.████, a test was authorized and performed to determine the outer limits of SCP-XXXX's cognitive abilities when its blood/alcohol level had normalized. SCP-XXXX strongly opposed this test, but eventually accepted the test with little other disagreement. The following are excerpts from an audio recording of the entire test, during which SCP-XXXX was tasked with trying to "see" different places or things at varying degrees of perceived difficulty. SCP-XXXX maintained cognition throughout the entire test, which lasted six hours.

Timestamp Current Task Comments
00:00:01 Determine the location of SCP-XXXX. "Hi."
00:00:05 Determine the number of tiles on the floor of the Parisian restaurant "Chif". (After completing task) "There are another twenty people upstairs, and I can see them too. They're each a doorway to more information, they've all lived who lives and have all of these ambitions and fears. One of them is a woman, she… is afraid of one of the waitresses. The waitress doesn't know it. The woman at the table brought a gun, but she's not going to use it. There are other people in the basement, and bodies below that. Christ, a lot of bodies."
00:00:23 Locate POI Timothy Brangard. "He's in the upper floor of the Maxwell apartment building in Ontario, room 85B. Right now he's looking at a mirror in the bathroom. There are a box of video tapes on the bed. They're all videos of… it's some kind of play, but I can't— I can't see through them, ouch, just that they're there. There's a figure… in a hood, and I can't even tell when these were taken."
00:01:40 Locate POI Fred Jones and the Dallas chapter of the Church of the Broken God. "No, they don't have any artifacts. I can see them all very well. Can see their motivations, the things they're thinking. The devout are funny like that, it's like their minds are so much brighter than everyone else's. This girl, her name used to be Deandre but they just call her Gom now, she believes so strongly in what she's doing that she hasn't even considered dying. She doesn't care. What a weird feeling."
00:02:21 Locate POI Kevlar Bronze. "Yeah, he's in that safehouse in Cairo. Have I ever mentioned how weird it is to be aware of every living thing on Earth? And how it's weirder to be aware of when they're all shitting? Anyway, he's in the bathroom.
00:03:53 Determine the current location of SCP-1440. "This is really hard, but… wait, just the one guy? What about the others with him?"
00:04:11 Determine the current position of SCP-179. "I can't see her very well. She's like the others. I can see where you can see her though, but if you want more information than what you've already got I can't help. It's like the shadows don't want me seeing more than I already do. I look up there and just see an infinity of eyes looking back at me. There's something else out there with them, something they're trying to hide… (Pauses) She is beautiful, though. Sauelsuesor. She's like me, isn't she?"
00:05:36 [DATA EXPUNGED] "He's standing next to a wall, looking at a photograph of his family, they're all— there's somebody coming up the stairs. He doesn't know they're there, they're in the room, one of them has a knife, he— oh. (Starts to breathe heavily.) He's dying. He… can he see me? He's asking for me in his head, he wants answers, and… I can see it. I can see what's below him, like a chasm, or… is it above him? I can't see into it, but I can hear it… it's so quiet."

Addendum XXXX.4: Termination

On ██.██.████, SCP-XXXX self-terminated while alone in its domicile. Cause of death was exsanguination due to self-inflicted wounds on its forearms. SCP-XXXX was discovered in its bed. The following note was found nearby, and is believed to have been written shortly before SCP-XXXX's death.

Hey guys. Sorry about the mess, and I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.

I've watched billions of people die. It wasn't until I was watching that man, Harrison, and realized that he could see me, that I got a glimpse past the darkness. I saw through his eyes, saw what he saw. Something else.

I'm not afraid. Even if I'm wrong, this is better than killing myself with the drink. There's something there, though. I can feel it. I know it.

I wonder if it will be quiet afterwards. I wonder if I'll get to see her in the stars before I go. I have so much to ask her.

Take care,


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