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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a secure objects lockup at site 17 It should be stored in a standard large coin sleeve used by coin collectors, and placed inside a tarnish-proof seal-able plexiglass box. Numeric combination locks are to be placed on both locker and door to room. Combinations will be changed every 6 weeks and will never be identical. Two guards are to be posted outside the door at all times, due to the tempting nature of this SCP. D-Class personnel are NOT to be made aware of this SCP (since most of them became D-class due to lack of judgement concerning this SCP's direct effect).
During testing, guards must accompany the object to and from the test facility and remain in sight of it for the entire duration of testing. Guards must be carefully screened to ensure that they are not overly effected by pecuniary desires. Any guard expressing financial concerns must be reassigned and a new guard brought in.

Description: SCP-xxx appears to be a Roman silver Denarius coin minted during the reign of Claudius. It was likely minted between 41 - 54 CE, though the exact date cannot be determined. It bears some superficial scratching and marring consistent with having been buried and subjected to field plowing and the natural elements for a long duration. It appears to have been mildly defaced by its rims being filed for silver by some former owner.

SCP-xxx was discovered by metal detectorist M-— L--— of H--— UK . Mr. L-- claims to have found it while field-walking with a metal detector sometime during the month of [redacted] , 20— . He claims not to have noticed its effects for some time, but once he realized, he used it indiscriminately. SCP-xxx draws currencies to it. When placed in with a modern coin or bill, and kept on one's person, money of that denomination and year of minting will come into one's possession. At first, the currency seems to arrive by 'normal' means, handed to one as change for another bill, being found on the street, or being discovered in the pockets of seldom-worn clothing. All currency seems to come from general circulation and is never newly minted.
Over time, the amount of that currency grows and begins to arrive spontaneously, appearing in otherwise empty wallets, pockets, or change-purses, arriving on the table whenever one looks away, and being discovered under one's pillow upon waking. If allowed to progress beyond this point, currency will begin to emerge from the human body, through erupting wounds in the skin and mucosa, vomited up, or passed via faeces. This process is understandably painful and can prove lethal due to non-healing wounds and lower-GI damage. Wounds are particularly vulnerable to infection due to the bacterial contamination on currency. Treatment with antibiotics is generally less than effective until the coin is kept separate from all forms of currency for one month. After it has been isolated for one month, the wounds close, currency stops issuing from the body, and all accumulated currency vanishes (unless it was banked, wherein the owner's account does reflect its value even after physical currency has vanished). It is unknown where the currency comes from or goes.
Sadly, M-- L--- passed away due to the physical debilitation brought on by prolonged use of SCP-xxx. His son, J— L--- inherited the coin, and it was during his SCP-xxx-induced illness that an agent working within the M-- G--— Hospital brought both it and Mr. J. L--- in for study. L--- Sr.'s remains were exhumed for further testing on [redacted], 20— . Results proved inconclusive due to extensive decomposition. Remains were then cremated and disposed of as per Foundation policy.

Addendum A1: Mr. J. L--- recovered and was released from foundation custody on [redacted], 20— , after the administration of Class-A Amnesiacs and therapeutic conditioning to break his intense desire for money. Mr. L--- now resides in M-- U- K- , UK.

Addendum A2: Whoever told the Class-D's that this thing exists will be pulling Keter duty for a year, as soon as I find out who it was! You know they're usually immature about money! -Dr. Kondraki.

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