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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP – XXX is to be maintained in standard containment facilities and protocols for humanoid SCPs, with exceptions as follows: Class 3 security protocols are to be observed in subject’s containment at all times, and containment facilities are to be constructed with additional steel reinforcement. Cell doors are to be inspected at least once weekly for signs of tampering or wear and tear, with exact inspection dates determined randomly. All direct contact requires authorization of security class 3 or higher, and sighted visitors must wear protective locking eyewear (Available from storage locker XXX-a). Cell is to be cleaned once weekly, during which SCP-XXX is to be restrained. In the event of containment breach, all security personnel are to equip night-vision goggles and corridors surrounding containment are to go to blackout conditions until subject is recovered. If subject escapes site, subject is to be tracked by satellite until re-acquisition is possible. Classified visual media must be kept at least 20 meters from SCP-XXX at all times.

Additionally, subject has requested the following privileges:

- Extra bedding and removal of bed. (Granted. Subject evidently prefers to sleep in “nest” made of bedding on the floor.)

- A small library of reading material, both for recreation and to facilitate communication, including Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. (Granted. Books are kept in locked foot locker outside containment unit, within range of subject’s clairvoyant abilities.)

- A night-light. (Granted.)

- Large pieces of driftwood, for climbing and exercise. (Refused, owing to driftwood’s utility as makeshift weaponry.)

- In addition to standard food rations, SCP-XXX is to be fed two (2) cow’s eyes per week, to prevent visual impairment. (Granted, on the recommendation of Dr. █████████. SCP-XXX has great difficulty communicating without reading aloud, and is also calmer and more co-operative allowed limited vision.)

These privileges may be revoked as part of disciplinary action, although personnel are advised that SCP-XXX may respond with aggression, particularly to
withholding of the cow’s eyes or the night-light.

Description: SCP-XXX is a humanoid entity of unknown origin, captured on ██/██/████ in the suburban area of ███████, Canada. Action was taken after four minors and two seniors of the community were blinded in a 5 week period. Victims said the blindings were committed by what the media described as a “boogeyman” that invaded their bedrooms between the hours of 21:00 and 04:30, occasionally entering via window. SCP-XXX was acquired following several failed attempts, and only after surveillance satellites were requisitioned from [DATA REDACTED]. Subject was found wearing a blue sweatshirt, men’s size XL, black denim jeans and a black overcoat, later connected with the burglary of a local thrift shop 5 weeks earlier. A pen-knife, pocket kaleidoscope, balaclava, and photographs of [DATA EXPUNGED] were confiscated from subject at the scene. Attacks were blamed on D-03948, a D-class asset scheduled for termination.

SCP-XXX is approximately 128 cm tall and masses 120 kg. Anatomical studies indicate subject is closely related to Homo sapiens sapiens; however SCP-XXX is distinguishable by chalk-white hairless skin, pointed ears, naturally sharp and narrow front teeth, arms extended so that wrists are level with mid-thigh when standing, disproportionately long digits, and slightly prehensile toes. SCP-XXX is also possessed of extremely dense muscle mass, granting it strength and agility that have been compared to a chimpanzee.

However, the subject’s most obvious distinguishing mark is the absence of visible eyes. X-rays reveal vestigial eye sockets partially filled with fat deposits and no apparent eyes, vestigial or otherwise. Subject is nonetheless able to “see” by means as yet unexplained. This extrasensory perception allows the subject to perceive reflectivity of objects within a spherical area centered on itself, with range of distance, visible spectrum, magnification and clarity apparently determined by diet. SCP-XXX can perceive objects regardless of obstruction or light levels, and has demonstrated the ability to read a book (e.g.) without opening it, to accurately observe the internal organs of his own and other’s bodies, and to identify weak points in the internal structure of a wall. (Use of this ability in an attempted security breach necessitated the use of reinforced walls in SCP-XXX’s containment; see incident report XXX-05.) Despite being able to perceive structures not exposed to light, subject has displayed acute scotophobia (fear of the dark, albeit triggered only by total darkness) and scotomaphobia (fear of blindness, often brought on when not allowed to feed, as shown below).

While subject is omnivorous and has nutritional needs similar to humans’, subject is apparently also required to feed on eyes to fuel its vision. SCP-XXX typically feeds by approaching a human victim and incapacitating them. Its behavior in the field suggests that it prefers those unable to fight back, particularly small children and the elderly, and prefers those sleeping alone. Once the victim is incapacitated, subject applies its mouth to the victim’s eye socket, using incisors to pierce eyelids and sever the muscular integument of the eye. Subject then sucks; the resulting vacuum combined with the damage to the eye’s anchoring muscles is sufficient to allow the eye to be sucked out of the eye socket and ingested. Subject typically ingests both eyes before retreating. SCP-XXX seems to be adapted to feed on human eyes, but has also professed a fondness for housecats and pigeon eyes (the former for night-vision, the latter for their ability to see ultraviolet radiation as a fourth primary color), which it extracted with a pen-knife.

Within four (4) hours of ingestion, SCP-XXX’s visual range increases commensurately with the visual range of the ingested eye, with the ability to distinguish details at distance comparable to that originally possessed by the victim. Other visual acuities are also preserved; for example, subject’s current restriction to cow’s eyes has rendered it dichromatic and incapable of distant focus. Range of clairvoyance decreases over several days thereafter at a rate such that the distance at which subject can read 10 point script halves every 32.5 hours; subject’s fear of blindness necessitates constant hunting. When acquired, subject was capable of perceiving all objects clearly within a range of several kilometers. This has since shrunk to approximately 20 meters. SCP-XXX has displayed severe resentment of confinement and has attacked several personnel in an attempt to feed.

Addendum: Transcription of Interview XXX-01 ██/██/████

Agent ████████: Identify yourself.

SCP-XXX: Call me Ishmael.

Agent ████████: …Are you being serious?

SCP-XXX: What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Call me Ishmael…Isengrim…Idlewild.

Agent ████████: All eyes. I see you understand English well enough to pun.

SCP-XXX: I sing with nihilistic witticism, disciplining signs with trifling gimmicks – impish hijinks which highlight stick sigils. Isn’t it glib? Isn’t it chic?

Agent ████████: Err… yes. I suppose that’s as good a place to start as any. Why do you so frequently speak in literary quotes?

SCP-XXX: I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

Agent ████████: That was first said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, so it’s hardly appropriate to the case here.

SCP-XXX: (becoming agitated) Finxerunt animi, raro et perpauca loquentis. Hard to talk, hard to find words…

Agent ████████: All right, relax.

SCP-XXX:(still agitated) I…don’t quote… I read…aloud… I don’t hear talking good…Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet gracious discourse of my book friends.

Agent ████████: Quite frankly, it might be better if you spoke in your own words, even if it’s harder for you. I would feel more certain of understanding you.

SCP-XXX: …Tough.

Agent ████████: Now, now. If you co-operate I might be able to help you. There are a lot of people after you, and eventually they’re going to catch you. Do you understand why we’ve brought you here?

SCP-XXX: We secure. We contain. We protect.

Agent ████████: (pause) Where the hell did you hear that?

SCP-XXX: …Briefcase.

Agent ████████: My briefcase? How do you know what’s in there… wait. You said you don’t quote, you ‘read aloud.’ Are you reading these quotes right now?

SCP-XXX: ██████████ Public Library. This stone laid in the year of our Lord ████.

Agent ████████: That library’s more than ██ miles away. If you’re reading these books all the way from here… how many fingers am I holding up behind my back?

SCP-XXX: Three…now two.

Agent ████████: (addressing observers)Remarkable. Our hypothesis regarding subject’s being able to anticipate our agents by ESP may be correct after all. (To subject) So if you can read the papers in my briefcase, what have you learned about our organization?

SCP-XXX: Some of them are corpses, skeletons, mummies, twitching, tottering, animated by companions that have been damned alive. There are giants that will walk by, though sound asleep. There are things that are theorems and things that are rags: they’ll go by like Euclid arm in arm with the spirit of anarchy. Here and there will flit little harlots. Many are clowns. But many are of the highest respectability. Some are assassins. There are pale stenches and gaunt superstitions and mere shadows and lively malices: whims and amiabilities.

Agent ████████: Charles Fort. And not the worst description of our collection I’ve heard. So you understand why we can’t allow you to leave.

SCP-XXX: Ahh… protect. Protecting humans. Often it seems a pity that Noah and his party did not miss the boat. What is that noise? The wind under the door. What is that noise now? What is the wind doing? Nothing again nothing. Do you know nothing? Do you see nothing? Do you remember nothing? I remember those are pearls that were his eyes.

Agent ████████: You assaulted and blinded six innocent people. Do you understand what that means?

SCP-XXX: Pity this busy monster, manunkind – not.

Agent ████████: What does that mean? Are you telling me you feel no remorse for your actions?

SCP-XXX: An intractable problem can only be solved by moving beyond conventional solutions.

Agent ████████: What problem could you possibly be solving?

SCP_XXX: You… would never understand… you chose human…I chose this… you would not understand…

Agent ████████: Try me.

SCP-XXX: (again becoming agitated) I’m trying…I need the eyes to see… I have not the words… You…

Agent ████████: Calm down… take your time… what do you need eyes for?

SCP-XXX: (pause of approximately thirty seconds)

Agent ████████: Ishmael? What are you trying to see?

SCP-XXX: Oh, plunge your hands in water – plunge them in up to the wrist – Stare, stare in the basin – and wonder what you’ve missed – the glacier knocks in the cupboard – the desert sighs in the bed – and the crack in the teacup opens – a lane to the land of the dead.

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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe (Reclassification to Euclid pending.)
Special Containment Procedures: A security perimeter is established around SCP-XXX and contingent property, designated site ██. Cover story is that land has been purchased by local hunting club as private game preserve. Civilian trespassers are to be subdued alive if possible, screened for connections to hostile organizations, and administered amnesiacs prior to release.

Curtains are to be kept drawn at all times.

Description: SCP-XXX is a large house located in the ███████ region of the United States, approximately ██ kilometers from ███████. House does not appear in local records, although property records indicate land parcel’s last private owner was a Mr. XXXXXXXXX, reverting to local government when this individual died intestate.

SCP-XXX covers ████ square meters and is displays no outward peculiarities besides the back door opening outward, rather than inward, as is usual for doors exposed to the elements. The back door’s hinges are regularly oiled and cleaned of rust by unknown agency. SCP-XXX, however, contains a spatial anomaly: when the front door is opened, the back door opens in tandem. Viewers outside the front door looking in see the view from the back door, and items passing through the doorway are transported from one end of the house to the other without apparently traversing the space between. Comparing wood grains, paint, and testing the wood’s DNA all confirm that the front and back doors are effectively a single object, as does the simple test of marking the front door with chalk and then opening the back door to view the mark.

Similarly, examination of the windows reveals that the curtain rods are set directly into the window frames. When drawn, they are shown to conceal a second window pane, through which can be seen the outdoor landscape from the perspective of another of SCP-XXX’s windows. Each of SCP-XXX’s ██ windows is connected to another window in this fashion. Furthermore, attempts to break through the outer walls emerge from a random point on the opposite wall, making it impossible to enter the interior of the building by any means. Damage to outer walls is repaired by unknown means, leaving mortar, sawdust, and occasionally other signs of construction. Repairs in progress have not yet been observed; electronic surveillance cameras have suffered repeated failures.

Teams assigned to SCP-XXX have detected slight vibrations coming from within the premises which cannot be accounted for by any apparent external source. Based on analyses, it is hypothesized that these are footfalls. Tests are pending.

Addendum: ██/██/████ Following the unexplained disappearance of two separate task forces assigned to SCP –XXX, all attempts to enter the premises are hereby suspended until further notice. Subsequent personnel are to focus efforts on observing the unseen repairman and concealing the SCP from the public. Assault teams will be based on-site to prepare for containing SCP-XXX’s unknown inhabitant, when and if it chooses to emerge. Something’s either being kept prisoner or biding its time, and I’m not happy either way. –O5-█

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