Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a sealed plexiglass container kept within a 3m x 3m x 3m testing chamber enclosed in a Faraday cage at Site 15. Two armed guards are to be posted at the entrance of SCP-XXX's containment chamber at all times, and all access to SCP-XXX must be approved by at least two (2) Level 3 personnel.

All computers brought into SCP-XXX's testing chamber must have all wireless transmitting devices physically removed and kept outside the testing chamber. Additionally no wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) may be brought into SCP-XXX's containment chamber. No data lines may run within 10m of SCP-XXX's containment area.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a 3Com brand dial-up modem. When plugged into a standard phonejack with active dialtone, SCP-XXX displays no functionality whatsoever (See Addendum A). However, when SCP-XXX is not connected to an active phone line, it allows for access to an unknown domain. Information in this domain is accessed via a procedure (SCP-XXX-A) outlined on a small 3x5 index card taped to the bottom of SCP-XXX's housing. XXX-A requires the user to be place SCP-XXX on a restrained host's chest. SCP-XXX will then begin to function, drawing bioelectric power from the host through a process that is not yet fully understood. At the conclusion of this process, the host will be [REDACTED] and remains are to be disposed of via incineration.

A computer (SCP-XXX-B) is required for viewing information stored on SCP-XXX's network, but is not useful for interacting with the network itself apart from displaying its contents. Tests have
shown that computer make, model, and specifications do not impact SCP-XXX's performance. The user must maintain physical contact with the computer connected to SCP-XXX for the duration of use, though subjects typically require restraint as personnel report contact with SCP-XXX to be extremely painful.

Computers connected to SCP-XXX while it is not connected to an active phone line all suffer a degenerative effect presumed to be related to the degradation of the host used in SCP-XXX-A. Information will be accessible via computer's interface until such time as the display itself has decayed. The mean time of decay until the interface becomes inoperative is two (2) hours. At this point, the user will have experienced sufficient decay as to be beyond medical help. Remains should be disposed of via incineration.

Information on the computer display is only viewable by the user who performed SCP-XXX-A. Neither a second observer physically present at the time of viewing, nor electronic observation is able to discern any characters on the screen, instead seeing [DATA EXPUNGED]. Information is deemed reliable due to observers transcribing cogent information in a variety of languages that polygraph tests confirm they have no prior knowledge of.
* Verbal note taking has proven to be problematic given subjects' unfamiliarity with the languages they are interpreting. For this reason, SCP-XXX users will be selected for imitative artistic aptitude, and given one free hand to copy what they see with a pencil and experimentation notebook. This has shown to be a better data collection method than auditory recordings as patients report that the pain does not interfere with their motor functions. As degradation begins at the point of contact with SCP-XXX, this remains viable for most of the time the SCP is in use. -Dr. Case

Information that each subject accesses varies widely in each use of SCP-XXX (See access logs for specific results). Accessed data appears random with no correlation to observer's psychological profile or intent when accessing SCP-XXX's network.

Addendum A: During Experiment XXX-11-c, SCP-XXX was connected to an active phone line for 39 minutes. Computer performed normally for 37 minutes at which point all users and observers in the containment area were [DATA EXPUNGED]. Remote observers in off-site observation room to be interviewed pending psychological counseling. All testing of SCP-XXX using a data connection suspended by

order of O5- █.

Addendum B: During Experiment XXX-7, SCP-XXX connected to a computer with an inactive wireless card. Approximately 12 minutes after activation, SCP-XXX began broadcasting its information
wirelessly, overriding existing wireless signals on all networked computers in a radius of ██ meters, resulting in destruction of all computers at Site ██, as well as ███

  • As we do not currently understand how SCP-XXX 'hijacked' its host computer's wireless card, or how its signal penetrated the Faraday cage around its containment area, ALL wireless devices of any kind are to be left outside SCP-XXX's chamber. Study into possible applications of this signal are pending 05 approval. - Dr. Case

Access Log of SCP-XXX

User: D-XXX-1
Information Accessed: Schematics for a land vehicle powered by passengers' spinal fluid. Instructions call for █ unknown elements, and tissues taken from ██ unknown animals. Experimentation deemed impractical.

User: D-XXX-7
Information Accessed: Instructions on a medical procedure to graft [REDACTED] to a human body. Testing procedures under review.

User: D-XXX-8
Information Accessed: Anatomical profile and behavioral study of one (1) non-terrestrial humanoid. Data to be cross-referenced against existing databases.

User: D-XXX-10
Information Accessed: [DATA EXPUNGED] -Access restricted to O5 level clearance.

User: D-XXX-17
Information Accessed: Alternate version of Christian Bible, incorporating ██ new books, with an additional █ chapters added to the Book of Revelations. New material being studied against existing source material and apocrypha.

User: D-XXX-27
Information Accessed: Instructions for creating a dimensional space to allow [REDACTED]. Experimentation prohibited per instructions of O5- █.

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