Document #1359-A

This document contains an transcript of testing with SCP-1359

Test 1:
(D-1515 is an 24 year old American male of average build. Psychological background shows no abnormalities. Subject goes in the dark containment chamber to find SCP-1359.)
D-1515 enters the containment chamber and finds an red male in the chamber.

Dr. █████: What do you see?
D-1515: I see some weird ass red thing.
Dr. █████: Is the SCP doing any actions?
D-1515: I think I see that thing moving. Can I just ask what the he—
Dr. █████: Only answer my questions and nothing else.
D-1515: Right, sorry.

Unfortunately, D-1515 goes and tries to touch the SCP. The SCP turns around him and shows an distorted face.

D-1515: What the fuck is with his face??
Dr. █████: Are you alright?
D-1515: Yes but, I feel like vomiting… ugh….. -burps-
D-1515 starts vomiting on the floor and test subject said that he saw something when he saw the SCP's face. He can't talk at all, He only says "the truth is near".
D-1515 has started vomiting blood in approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes, He vomited his whole intestines, including his liver, heart, and then lead to death.
Testing is finished.

Dr. █████: We shouldn't mess with this SCP, it's too dangerous to be guarded or tested. If the SCP gets aggressive or something i'll change it to Keter.

Test 2:
(D-6845 is an italian male of average build. Psychological background shows bipolarity and murder of ██ people.)
D-6845 enters the dark containment chamber

D-6845: So what do I do?
Dr. █████: To your left should be an pencil and a paper.
Dr. █████: Do you see the SCP in the chamber? It won't hurt you unless you look at it's face.
D-6845: What the fuck is that thing???
Dr. █████ Calm down, it's can't hurt you unless you look at it's face.
Dr. █████ Pick up the pencil and draw your view of the SCP.
D-6845: Oh, okay.

D-6845 starts to draw an artist's rendition of the SCP. Drawing was finished in 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Dr. █████ Good, You still haven't finished the face. You aren't supposed to look at it's face but you have to. I'll try SCP-500 on you if you feel like vomiting.
D-6845 looks at it's face and starts to burp, emesis comes out from the subject. Dr. █████ gives D-6845 SCP-500, D-6845 consumes it and is said to feel better.
D-6845: I have finished the face. It doesn't induce the effect on me though.
Dr. █████ sees the painting and gets no effect from it.
Testing is finished.

Dr. █████ It seems the only cure is SCP-500. For the next tests I will put an backpack on all Class D's containing an SCP-500 and water (if needed).

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