DOCUMENT [1562-001-A] (SCP-1562)

DOCUMENT [1562-001-A]
Date: █/█/███
Specimen: SCP-1562
Presiding Official: Dr. ████████
Report Completed By: Investigator ████████

Specimen was approached from the inner southeast-northeast road of containment preserve at 18:30:00. A large cage, measuring 3 by 4 by 4 meters in dimension, constructed of steel bars spaced 25 centimeters apart vertically, was placed on the 1.5 meters off the left side of the road at the intersection of the inner southeast-northeast road and the inner northeast-northwest road. We hope to capture the specimen and bring it to Sector-25 for research.

Wind conditions: southwest-northeast, 8 kmph
Temperature: 26 degrees Celsius
Precipitation: None, 20% chance of scattered showers. Sparse low cloud coverage.

████████, the nine-year-old child responsible for Sighting Report 286, was led up the inner southeast-northeast road in the back left seat of the standard Foundation automobile, Model AR-6 “Explorer”. Left back window beside the child was left rolled down, and the child made to look out the window. As expected, the perimeter lain in 6 kilometer strips around 54°█′█″N 2°█′█″W captured the creature within the borders. 3.2 kilometers up the road, the creature was sighted by the child approximately 2 meters from the roadside. The child seemed unperturbed by the sighting of the creature, and did not hesitate to instigate eye contact. The specimen immediately began following the car.

The child’s behavior seemed resigned and unenthused. She had communicated beforehand her experience with SCP-1562. Psychological effects yet to be determined. She has since been left in the care of psychologist Dr. ████████.

The specimen followed the car at 35 kmph for 2.8 kilometers. Upon encountering the ready cage, SCP-1562 immediately and abruptly stopped movement. The car was unable to stop in time, forcibly breaking eye contact between the specimen and female. The presiding official successfully stopped the automobile and the child, official, and this investigator witnessed as the specimen lowered itself closer to the ground. A grinding was heard as the creature’s elbows and knees inverted themselves and its neck turned exactly 180 degrees, to face the trees of the enclosure. Within a brief indeterminate amount of time, no more than 8 seconds, the creature had clambered into the forest. See Forms R336-AAA1-1 through R336-AAA1-3 for detailed analysis of these events.

Analysis: Recontainment attempt failed. Specimen known to be in the current containment zone. Appears to flee at the close presence of humans. Further containment exercises requested.

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