DOCUMENT [1562-001-B]
Date: █/█/███
Specimen: SCP-1562
Presiding Official: Dr. ████████
Report Completed By: Investigator ████████

Specimen was approached from the inner southwest-northwest road of containment preserve at 20:15:00. Agent ██████ positioned at northwest on-ramp to [REDACTED] Highway, prepared with soil to be thrown over the northwest-northeast road once the Foundation vehicle completes one clockwise cycle around the enclosure. After the previous failed attempt to capture the specimen, we hope to guide the specimen to Sector-25 for further research. Endurance is to be called into question. Automobile speed is to remain slower than 60 kmph at all times.

Wind conditions: southeast-north, 11 kmph
Temperature: 21 degrees Celsius
Precipitation: None, 65% chance of scattered showers. Thorough cloud coverage.

████████, the nine-year-old child used in the previous attempt [see Containment Report R336-AAA1 and Psychological Stability Report 1562-286-B [REDACTED] for more information], again was taken into the car. She was placed in the back right seat. In the back left seat was placed ████████, the thirteen-year-old male responsible for Sighting Report 332. The girl began to search the trees of the containment preserve immediately once movement began. She now fell into watching for the creature as though it were routine. The boy was calm, though apathetic. He has since been left in the care of psychologist Dr. ████████.

The specimen joined alongside the car 0.7 kilometers up the inner southwest-northwest road. See Interview Log [DATA EXPUNGED] for details of the creature’s approach. We were taken by surprise by its sudden arrival beside the road. It locked eye contact with the female. Its anatomy was returned to its standard shape, and neither broke gaze nor pace as it successfully avoided obstacles. Notable is its leaping and balancing ability. The specimen seems to prefer to be high off the ground, despite having hands and feet formed to dig into ground. On three separate occasions in our cycle around the preserve, it leapt onto high-strung electric wires and continued to run beside the car.

2.7 kilometers down the inner northeast-southeast road the male stifled a small start, drawing this investigator’s attention. The male maintained eye contact with a second specimen, hereby referred to as SCP-1562-B. See Interview Log [DATA EXPUNGED] for details of the second creature’s approach. SCP-1562-A did not react did SCP-1562-B’s approach.

As the automobile returned to the inner southwest-northwest road, Agent ██████ threw the gathered soil over the inner northwest-northeast road. Specimen is observed to have difficulty crossing asphalt. Soil is expected to remedy issue. We were not prepared for two specimens, and SCP-1562-B was unable to continue beyond the outer containment square.

Analysis: Recontainment attempt success. SCP-1562 has been relocated to Sector-25. Upon arrival, a team of [REDACTED] used [REDACTED] to drive the specimen into a thirty (30) meter by thirty (30) meter containment cell in the ██████ wing of the facility. Specimen appears to gain strength with the duration of eye contact held with the car passenger, and was able to cross over roads when absolutely necessary. Further investigation into Report 332 and SCP-1562-B requested.

Report 286 deemed unnecessary for further research [see Document 1562-286-PostT]. PSR-1562-286-B recommendation Protocol [REDACTED] followed. Report successfully suppressed.

Report 332 deemed necessary for further investigation [see Document 1562-332-PreT].

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