DOCUMENT [1562-003-A]

DOCUMENT [1562-003-A]
Date: █/█/███
Specimen: SCP-1562-A
Presiding Official: Dr. ████████
Report Completed By: Investigator ████████

Once placed into a thirty (30) meter by thirty (30) meter containment cell in the ██████ wing of Sector-25, SCP-1562-A began to show signs of extreme hostility. Researchers ██████ and ██████ were unable to approach the specimen without it showing similar signs of a reaction to human proximity as described in Document [1562-001-A]. Upon reviewing PSR 1562-286-B, it has been concluded that the psychological effects of SCP-1562 must be researched. Application for Class D personnel submitted.


Thirteen (13) year old male (see Document [1562-001-B]), hereby referred to as Report 332, placed in chamber with SCP-1562-A. This is 332’s third recorded encounter with the creature. Eye contact was immediately established between the two participating parties. No marked change in behavior was witnessed in 332; however, SCP-1562-A became immediately less agitated upon contact with the male.


Report 332 terminated. Report suppression non-protocol. SCP-1562-C discovered with SCP-1562-A in containment cell. Object class under reinvestigation. Report 349 received from █████, England, Great Britain, on █/█/███ at 1█:3█:47.

Report 350 received from █████, England, Great Britain, on █/█/███ at 2█:4█:32.

Report 351 received from █████, England, Great Britain, on █/█/███ at 1█:5█:17.

Report 352 received from █████, Bavaria, Germany, on █/█/███ at 0█:5█:19.

Report 353 received from █████, China, on █/█/███ at 1█:2█:38.

Report 354 received from █████, Quebec, Canada, on █/█/███ at 0█:0█:22.

Three (3) international reports formally filed. Emergency Protocol [WITHHELD] to be instituted.

Report 355 received from █████, Rep. of Georgia, on █/█/███ at 0█:4█:38.

Report 356 received from █████, Croatia, on █/█/███ at 2█:1█:01.

Report 357 received from █████, Brazil, on █/█/███ at 0█:5█:53.

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