DOCUMENT 1562-286-PostT

DOCUMENT 1562-286-PostT
Date: █/█/███
Report: 1562-286
Presiding Official: Dr. ████████
Report Completed By: Investigator ████████

Subject Name: ██████ ████████████
Age: 9 years old
Sex: F

Status: Unnecessary for further research. Prolonged exposure with specimen may lead to dangerous behavior. Subject identifies increasingly strongly with specimen, and exhibits convincing signs of empathy. Interaction between subject and specimen after the events of Document [1562-001-A], Containment Report: R336-AAA1 strictly forbidden. Subject not permitted to ride in any automobiles. Medical oversight required for self-reported “elbow pain.”

PSR-1562-286-B recommendation Protocol [REDACTED] to be followed.

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