Experimentation Log SCP-1652-A
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Document SCP-1652-I: Experimentation Log SCP-1652-A
Test A: D-████ enters the containment chamber. Subject is a ██ year old Caucasian male, of average intelligence and build. He is wearing normal street clothing, a simple t-shirt and jeans.
D-████: What? You called me in for a puzzle?
Dr. ████: Yes, just approach it and open the case with the key we gave you.
D-████ steps forward, 10 meters from the center with some trepidation. After making sure nothing was afoot, he kept approaching the box and, at around 3 meters, D-████ rushes forward to open the box quickly, trying to solve it. Consistent with previous experiments, he was unable to solve it and after 6 hours, he was removed. It was noted that the subject did not faint of dehydration or the sort. D-████ was immediately given an amnesiac.
Test B: D-██6 and D-███7 were both sent into the room, the former given order to approach the box first, and the latter to follow two minutes after. D-███6 did so, and was, after stepping within 5 meters of the object, started solving the cube. D-███7 followed, and showed no effect by the cube. After 1 hour, they were both removed and given amnesiacs.
Test C: Five subjects underwent the process shown in Log A, giving the estimation of five meters away being the absolute control area. Area was marked with red tape immediately.
Test D: D-████ was put into a container cell next to the containment area of the object. For █ hours, no effect was shown, but at ██:██ on a stopwatch, the subject started to claw at the wall, in the direction of SCP-1652. This test was repeated with two other subjects, with similar results, but taking different amounts of time to be effected. Observation room has been moved farther away from the containment area.
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