Whatcha Doing?

Sir, we've got another strange one.”

Dr. Clef frowned. What now? “I've got to finish writing up this damn report, like I've got nothing better to do.”

The agent grimaced. Getting Clef angry was never a smart thing to do. “There's a report about a pair of potential reality shifters, and the O5 council want you to look into it.”

“And they couldn't tell me about it themselves, eh? Too scared?”

“I am, sir.” the agent mumbled, a bead of sweat rolling down the left side of his face.

Clef laughed. “Alright, Williams, what the hell's going on now?”

Agent Williams looked at his notes. “We got a report out from one of our agents in the Tri-State area about a couple of kids who seem to be able to do unusual things without any of the adults in town noticing. The agent reported that these kids have built a giant roller coaster, a beach in their back yard despite the limited space, a huge paper mache airplane, a self-contained bio-dome, x-ray glasses that actually use x-rays and a number of other objects.”

“How did this agent find out about all of these things, and how come we haven't until now?”

“Well, she didn't see any of these things, if that's what you mean. She had taken her son to a summer soccer competition in some little town named Danville. Her older daughter overheard this teenage girl who was going on and on about how she wanted to “bust” her two brothers to her mother, but no one ever believes her. By the time she drags an adult over, the object is gone. It seems like no adult notices how dangerous these objects could be, or cares where they go.”

Dr. Clef rocked back in his chair. “What about their parents? Have they been affected?”

“They just seem to be oblivious. A check of their financial records show that there is no way they could afford to pay for a fraction of the objects listed.” A picture fell out of the agents notes. The agent picked it up and pulled out two others. “Sir, here are some photos taken at long-range by the surveillance team.”

Clef shoved the report he was working on aside, and looked at the three photographs. “What the hell is wrong with their heads? How can the shorter one's neck hold that thing up? And what's with this building that looks like a sewing machine?”

Agent Williams looked at the picture. “What does that banner say?”

Clef squinted. “Something about…evil incorporated?” He shook his head. This was fucked up. Clef looked at one of the picture again. “What is that…thing…in the background? Why is it green, and why is it wearing a fedora?”

Clef closed his eyes. After a few seconds, a smile slowly began to spread across his face. He rose to his feet.

“I know what we're going to do today.”

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