Dr Ashdown Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The interior of SCP-XXXX's room has been crafted into a hyperbolic paraboloid to discourage SCP-XXXX's mobility. Additionally, the room is veiled in a paper layer to foster SCP-XXXX's expressions for future assessment. Staff are intrusted to replace any completed sheets and promptly replace them. Personnel should adhere to the following rules when in the subject's containment:

1 - Do not speak to SCP-XXXX or anyone else whilst inside.
2 - Do not address SCP-XXXX in thought or respond to writing mentally.
3 - Do not wear clothes embedded with letters, insignias, and labels.

SCP-XXXX responds to any deviation of standard pronunciation and grammar with varied reactions thus far, 'correcting' the person(s) relative to linguistic errors committed.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid imprinted with italic text. Peculiar fractals surrounding the text, identified as formative structure, strongly suggest the text is commandments, although the precise translation remains indecipherable. SCP-XXXX stance is seated, continuously on the floor, and he is supported with a single leg whilst perceptually assuming the posture of an English comma from their spine to head: curved bones sustaining this atypical stance.

Movements are lethargic and secretes an opaque mucus at an opening on his foot, sterilizing the floor from all publicly-known bacteria along with facilitating a path as railways do to trains. Additionally, SCP-XXXX has a suction hooks with grip strength, enabling it to climb any obstacles but disorderly shapes. Additionally, as it moves, an audible noise is emitted with the similarity of crickets chirping, understood intuitively to those nearby as: "I am moving". Incidentally, SCT-XXXX is only capable of progressing forward physically, unable to rotate itself naturally due to a inhibiting osteoporosis and the functioning of suction cups, although he has been noted to retreat backward across his trail.

SCP-XXXX has nail plates of purple chalk which deposits sedimentary rock (chalk/test/confirm) and provide his ability to write. Sentences wrote, comprehensible unlike those on the body, are ominous in nature and ordinarily detail humanity as a whole or the individual(s) closest.


-E-Mail 4- Dr. Ashdown to Dr. Stone:
Do you think he could have once understood, preached, and corrected ethical laws— inconsistent behavior to how humanity should behave beneficially as one— instead of this unusual disposition towards linguistics? Does his discovery in Israel, where Christianity emerged, have any relation to it and the commandments there?

-Mail 19- Dr. Ashdown to Dr. Stone:
An IDF Intelligence Officer— who originally investigated SCP-XXXX inside Ayalon Cave— is increasingly nonsensical in speech, ranting enthusiastically to himself incessantly. His cervical curve from the vertebral column is reversed and his thoracic vertebrae underneath is exhibiting signs of kyphosis. Containment is recommended as his spinal are curving into positions as those observed in SCP-XXXX. Weirdly, other people, comparably interactive with SCP-XXXX as measured through time, are unaffected, which displays a level of speech imperfection correlates to deterioration.

-E-Mail 22- Dr. Ashdown to Dr. Stone:
SCP-[READACTED] has a productive cough with purple (???) 'sputum' (sputum culture results have no pathogenic bacteria??!?!?!) and skin pigmentation is discoloring to black (Bilirubin tested as normal? Differential needed!). Yesterday, in confinement, he scratched metallic tiles until all of his fingers were to his metacarpals and sharpened these bones until he could engrave these words through…the floor: Linguistic Prescriptivism: Rules: Laws: Transgressions: Disorder. As he gradually dug into his hand, no pain was evident and instantaneous hemostasis transpired (platelet from CBC show unprecedented increase, what?!??! How??) at the base of self-amputation when his trauma culminated.

-E-Mail 34- Dr. Ashdown to Dr. Stone:

Dr. Ashdown has recently succumbed to SCP's worst effects and the current database record has a considerable chance of false content consequently. A future examination will review the disputed content and take further precautionary measures to avoid Dr Ashdown's condition. Additionally, each new case of exposure - causing subjects to soon resemble SCP-XXXX inevitably - is introducing further words which are conductive to a memetic concept being culminated. Although translation is increasingly feasible with further information from new subjects, we believe translation would facilitate a disastrous process and recommend solely containment.

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