Dr Greyson Debrifing

Audio Log. Debriefing of contracted asset AG-1.

[Chairs scraping, coughing etc]

Agent ██████-█████: Debriefing begins at 07:00 GMT. Present are Dr Greyson, Dr. ████████ and Agent ██████-█████

Dr. ████████: Dr Greyson, welcome to Site-42, you should understand this is a standard debriefing. You've agreed to aid us in deciphering the events of the past 10 years. While we don't see the situation as currently dangerous we hope you appreciate the need for total secrecy surrounding these events. Divulging them to anyone outside this room not explicitly read in to this project will result in strict sanctions for yourself and the recipient. Sanctions start with confin—

Dr Greyson: Save your breath, I've heard it before. I can save my breath too, its all written down here.

Agent ██████-█████: You… wrote it down?

Dr Greyson: Yep. Comfy as my accommodation, sorry, cell was I got bored. So I asked for a pen and some paper. Here you go.

Agent ██████-█████: Have you written this down anywhere else?

Dr Greyson: Are you kidding me? I wrote this in a Foundation holding cell, using foundation headed notepaper using a bloody Foundation branded pen. By the way that picture you have on the pens is just creepy. No, this is the only copy.

Agent ██████-█████: Please stay calm sir.

Dr Greyson: I am calm, I'm also in deep shit up to my neck, I don't need a doctorate to tell that. Please just read the fucking thing then ask any questions and do what you're going to do. I might be fucked here but I'm buggered if I'm going to give myself a sore throat into the bargain.

[Sheets ruffling]

Dr. ████████: OK, Dr Greyson, I'd like to state for the record you are not currently in any danger, nor are you in "deep shit"-

Dr Greyson: That's rather a matter of perspective isn't it?

Dr. ████████: As I was saying. You are not in trouble, nor danger. We're going to read this, here, now, with you in the room. We'll ask any questions. Are you happy with the situation as stands?

Dr. Greyson: Can I smoke?

Dr. ████████: I thought you didn't want a sore throat but, yes you can. Shall we proceed?

[Sound of lighter being ignited. Indrawn breath]
Dr Greyson: Please.

Dr. ████████: This is not a report Dr Greyson.

Dr. Greyson: You didn't ask for one. It is my own words though, I even signed and dated it for you. If after this you want it typed up, formalised and filed I'll be pleased to do so. Pretty much everything I submitted to the foundation was written by hand first in this style. Then I'd copy it to the correct format.

Agent ██████-█████: What happened to the original copy?

Dr. Greyson: I presented them to CERN's writers group set to music. No. Wait. I fucking shredded them and burnt the resulting confetti. You really think I'm an idiot don't you?

Agent ██████-█████: My job is to assume the worst, please don't take it personally.

Dr. ████████: It's quite… creative. We'll assume for now it describes the facts. How much do you know about our operations Dr. Greyson?

Dr. Greyson: Very little. I have your name, now. Before of course you were another anonymous client I dealt with though my agent. We all know I was on a retainer to send you information on my employers and keep my mouth shut. I got a generous fee from you anytime I reported something of interest to yourselves. Which largely seemed to be anything weird. Generally things would disappear or stop being weird shortly after so I assumed yourselves or some other organisation intervened as a result. Otherwise it was none of my business, so I didn't look into it. Then there was that "Job interview"

Dr. ████████: Thank you. What is different about this event is that there was almost nothing we could do about it, before we were able to act it was very much in the public eye. There were several months between the first portal being opened and the situation with the newspaper, if we'd been informed earlier we would have moved to conceal events.

Agent ██████-█████: Dr Greyson. You were present and had even arrived at the same conclusion as Dr. Lindholm through you own working. Why didn't you report this to us when it was first discovered?

Dr Greyson: That's… Difficult to explain.

Dr. ████████: Please try.

Dr. Greyson: The atmosphere at the time was somewhat electric. I'd sent reports to you before, but these were often ones I'd come across via gossip or related briefings. I generally wasn't part of the team involved. I guess professionally I'm an informer, but at heart I'm still a scientist. This was the first time I'd seen something truly groundbreaking with my own eyes, let alone been involved in its discovery. I think in truth I wanted this to be public. It seemed like something the world should own.

Agent ██████-█████: I see. We of course had other people in place at CERN. I'll tell you this now, if you had informed us none of this need ever have happened. The fact you retained the information meant we had to find out through another party, well after the funding for GATEWAY was acquired. We work with the governments, Greyson, all of them. The only reason we didn't get it from them is that several conspired to actively block our involvement. Because of that and only because of that you are in this nice interview room and not in somewhere very much less pleasant.

Dr. Greyson: I don't like the tone this interview is taking. I don't understand why I'm being held. I don't understand why I'm in this room talking to a spook and VonBraun here. Obviously it's to do with GATEWAY but you can see I was only a technician. Why isn't Lindholm here? Or Allen? Why the hell didn't you just ask for a write-up?

Agent ██████-█████: Because we have a lot of questions about Yi. As for why you're in custody, I'll put it another way. We are the pleasant option. The governments involved might have been very much less so if they'd come to you first. We have no reason for wishing you harm.

Dr. Greyson: So this is protective custody?
Agent ██████-█████: Correct Doctor. We're specifically interested in what happened with Yi between the portal event and the events 10 years later.

Dr. Greyson: It's all there. Why don't you just read it?

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