Dr Greyson Newspaper

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is contained in the sterile area of the secure file storage in Site-███. Access for viewing and experimentation is available to all personnel of level 2 or above. The document must be signed out and a record of all experiments kept.


SCP-XXXX is the extremely damaged outside fold of the ██████████████ a high circulation news paper distributed mainly in ████████ but with a world wide subscriber-ship. It was recovered as part of the response to incident "Blue Tree".

79% of the fold is present, the rest assumed destroyed in transit. The remnant portion is browned or blackened in a fashion consistent with exposure to heat not exceeding 233 oC. Investigations are ongoing as to how any of the paper survived at all1.

The only significant portions of the text that were recovered are:

  • The masthead and date. The date is 12th of ████████ 2███ 10 years and 3 months from the date of recovery.
  • The headline and first few column inches of the relating story.

The headline and story reports the arrest of Y█ W███ CEO of W████ Pharmaceuticals after the murder of the companies accountant ████ █████ and the subsequent mass killing of ██ of the companies other employees.

Recovery Log:

SCP-XXXX was recovered 5 years after the initiation of the incident designated "Blue Tree". Full documentation on "Blue Tree" is available to all personnel of level-2 and above.

SCP-XXXX came to the Foundation's, and the rest of the world's, attention after an experiment at CERN designated "GATEWAY" resulted in SCP-XXXX dropping through a portal formed by the collision. Despite the extreme temperatures generated the paper was largely intact if extremely obfuscated.

The significant text was uncovered by CERN analysts a few days after SCP-XXXX appeared and is now a matter of public record.

Once SCP-XXXX was contained2 the Special Committee in charge of "Blue Tree" agreed that the best course of action was to wait until public interest waned and review actions as the situation developed. Further actions are detailed in "Blue Tree" document BT-1133.

Of special interest were the possible actions of Mr. Y█ W███ in five years time. The Foundation attempted to intervene in his imprisonment but met further resistance. Upon his release Y█ was put under observation. The Special Committee then opted for non-intervention beyond surveillance.

Several accounts of the events following his release have been made and document AG-124 exists as a non-formalised record on file.


Although research into SCP-XXXX continues "Blue Tree" itself is considered a closed incident. Further GATEWAY experiments at CERN have been discontinued after █ electromagnets "accidentally" failed and caused an explosion. No-one was harmed but the risk of further accidents was considered too great. The head researcher Dr. Lindholm is now in Foundation employ.

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