Dr. Lister

Journal of Level-0 recruit Dr. Baron Lister* Given name — -— ---
*Unknown if this is an assumed name, a delusion, excessive hero worship, or an attempt to keep others from narrowing the previous choices down.



Mostly failed congenial gene splicing attempt

Groucho Marx Virus


Anti-gravity Turtles
-Vanity project, may be a joke or anomalous creature once level 2-3 is reached.


A painting that can effect your physical state, reflects your mental state/physical degradation

A picture frame that gives you alzheimers/turns you into a canvas and stone husk

Sewing/repair Machine
-be sure to steer clear of 212 and 914 territory

Flood Cat
-daughter of Bast(et) and that freaky fish god

For a Pound of Flesh

Model of health

Hellish SCP Wine
-clef's preferred drink? something he brought to a mixer/holiday party?


Bridge to Nowhere/Fog City

* Creepy - For the purposes of these guidelines, creepy means there's something innately wrong about the object in question. Whether it does something that defies the laws of physics or generates some kind of cosmic horror, this is something that causes primal fear and revulsion in most humans. Very often this is something that is a personal phobia, but ask yourself whether this is a common phobia.
* Mysterious - Something that is out of place or unexplained. Otherwise ordinary objects or beings that shouldn't be able to exist where they are. These are things that do not necessarily frighten us, but dig into our curiosity and make us want to find out how it works or where it came from.
* Dangerous - These things are either difficult to handle or contain, or are simply capable of causing us immense harm. This one is the easiest to add to an idea, but also generally the most common.

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class:
Special Containment Procedures:

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