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Item #: SCP-1188

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Because of the nature of SCP-1188, no containment procedures beyond a simple storage locker are required. The key is held by the supervising researcher. SCP-1188 is presently being housed in Site ██.

Description: SCP-1188 is a bar of white hand soap with no identifying markings. It has dimensions 2.5cm x 5cm x 15cm with bevelled edges measuring 0.5cm. It is Lilac scented. Continued usage does not seem to wear on the object. The item has a PH of 9, which is appropriate for hand soap.

SCP-1188's anomalous properties are triggered upon use of the soap to clean an organism. The organism being cleaned with SCP-1188 becomes increasingly disgusting to the user. This perceived filthiness quickly spreads to all organisms encountered by the user, accompanied with a desire to cleanse it all.

Removing SCP-1188 from the subject within the first minute has shown no permanent damage, though a temporary disgust does remain. Removing SCP-1188 from the subject after two minutes causes severe panic and anger, and permanently leaves the subject with feelings of impurity, regret, and fear of uncleanliness.

Experiment Log - 1188
All tests were conducted in a standard testing chamber, outfitted with a generic sink that had access to running water.

Experiment log 1188-A
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-18473
Procedure: D-class is instructed to pick up the object and proceed cleansing hands.

00:05: The D-class held the object for 5 seconds before turning on the water and proceeding to wash its hands. Noted to make several remarks about how 'disgusting' it had become. Slight signs of discomfort shown.

02:00: Subject begins to clean its forearms and elbows.

04:00: Subject stripped clothes and proceeded to cleanse torso and upper arms.

08:00: Subject is now nude, attempting to cleanse every part of its body. Skin is being rubbed raw. Subject is muttering continuously to itself. Subject appears highly agitated. Guards called to extract SCP-1188.

08:30: Armed guards arrive in the test chamber. Subject turns to the guards and attempts to assault them with SCP-1188, shouting about needing to "Cleanse their unholy filth from the world". Subject is succesfully subduded via stun gun and extracted for examination. No casulties arose.

Analysis: D-Class exhibited multiple burns of first, second, and third degree across their body. Upon revival, the subject was noted to be irate and angry.
When questioned, subject noted stating feelings of 'impurity' and regrets not being able to finish cleansing himself.
Subject expired shortly after examination. Body exhibited no anomalous effects.

Experiment log 1188-B
Date: ██/██/████
Subject: D-83219
Procedure: D-Class was instructed to pick up the object and proceed in cleansing hands.

00:00: Subject picks up object and holds it for about 10 seconds before taking any action.

00:10: Subject turns on the sink and proceeds to cleanse its hands. Subject begins to mutter about filth.

02:00: Subject began shouting obsenities at itself, claiming to a need to "Remove this grime from my body!"

02:00: Guards are called in to subdue subject
02:30: Guards arrive in the testing chamber and subdue the subject by means of a stun gun. Subject is successfully extracted.

Analysis: When questioned, the subject described disgust with their cleanliness. This feeling was temporary, and subject recovered from burns. Subject was given class A amnesiacs then observed to examine the possibilities of SCP-1188's effects persisting. Lingering effects seem to persist in the form of Obsessive Compulsive tendencies.

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