Dr. McCallum
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Picture taken of SCP-XXX before testing.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a 5m x 5m observation cell in Site 20. The door is to remain locked at all times unless orders are given from level 4 personnel or higher. A one-way mirror has been installed in SCP-XXX's cell for observation during any experiments. It is advised that any essential personnel handling SCP-XXX wear special insulated suits for their own protection.

Description: SCP-XXX is an electric chair formerly in the posession of the █████ State Penitentiary in ███████, █████. This particular chair was put into use in 19██ and retired ██ years later. Execution records show that a total number of [REDACTED] prisoners were electrocuted using SCP-XXX.

SCP-XXX behaves very much like a typical electric chair, except for two key differences: firstly, SCP-XXX does not seem to rely on any sort of outside energy source. It has proven to be fully functional even when not hooked up to the necessary electrical equipment.

Its second trait, and perhaps most noticable, is the effect SCP-XXX has on any human being that is strapped into it. The subject will begin to convulse as their body is pumped with a non-lethal dose of electricity. The voltage of the electricity will steadily increase until the subject is either removed from the chair or killed.

Survivors of SCP-XXX have gone on to experience extreme delusions regarding their pasts. Namely, they seem to have developed new memories that contradict their original ones. The quality of these memories seems to vary depending on the person and the ammount of time they spent in SCP-XXX. For more information, see Addendum XXX-02.

Addendum XXX-01: SCP-XXX was retrieved from █████ State Penitentiary after a group of teenagers broke into the long-abandonned prison. The Foundation learned of the SCP when one of the teenagers was claiming to be ███ █████, an executed serial killer. A small task force headed by Dr. Z██████ was sent in to secure the SCP and bring it back to Site 20 for research.

During the retrieval of SCP-XXX, Agent ██████ somehow came under its influence. Upon his return to Site 20, he was quarantined to the psych-ward for further study.

NOTE: After this mission, Dr. Z██████ was brought in for questioning regarding whether or not he gave the order to have Agent ██████ strapped into SCP-XXX. No decision has yet been reached on the subject, although all matters regarding this SCP have been handed over to Dr. McCallum. O5-██

Addendum XXX-02: What follows below is an interview with a test-subject in one of SCP-XXX's experiments.

<Begin Log>

McCallum: Are you feeling okay?

D-XXX-109: Yeah, doc; just a little light-headed.

McCallum: Excellent. Now, I'm just going to ask you a few questions to make sure everything's okay. What is your name?

D-XXX-109: … █████ ████████.

McCallum: What crime did you commit before your incarceration?

D-XXX-109: (Silent) I think…

McCallum: What?

D-XXX-109: It was either that or…

McCallum: What? Spit it out!

(There is a long silence before a slow, silent sobbing sound comes from D-XXX-109.)

McCallum: What? What are you remembering?

D-XXX-109: I killed her…

McCallum: Who did you kill?

D-XXX-109: My wife, damn it! I killed her!

McCallum: Your records show that you were never married.

D-XXX-109: Then why do I [REDACTED] remember it? God, I can hear her screaming… (He continues his quiet sobbing)

McCallum: I think we're done here.

<End Log>

Closing Notes: Even though I later got D-XXX-109 to admit that he had no memory of actually getting married, it seems that the memory of the actual murder was too strong for him to let go. He later committed suicice by biting off his own tongue. Dr. McCallum

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