Dr Poivre S Sandbox

Note to self: Submit request for authorisation for further research on SCP-820, since it would appear that no one has done so yet.

Is it necessary to hear the music directly? Will a recording played back later have the same effect? Is it even possible to record? Does the music have any effect on the deaf or hearing impaired? Individuals who hear it in their sleep? Are there any drugs or other SCPs that mitigate or negate the effects?

Experiment log for SCP-741:
- temporal disturbances around outside of hull
- hearing voices
- glowing figures (substantial, or un-?)

Philadelphia Experiment - attempt to create a submarine with cloaking device that functions through bending light. Duplication through attempts to move out of phase with this plane of existence?

Keris (kris) at centre of reactor:
- Any records of similarly radioactive artifacts in Javanese mythology?
- Keris are primarily weapons. Is this the favoured weapon of some supernatural entity?

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