Dr Stanton's Personnel File
Dr. Stanton at the Annual Sector-██ Halloween Party

Name: Dr. A███████ Stanton, codename "Archie"
Position: Field research, Item acquisition
Security Clearance: Level 2
Current Location: Somewhere below the Swiss Alps
History: Dr. Stanton was once the head of anthropology at ███████████ University, but was soon let go for reasons of "radical studies in the occult." He did not come to the Foundation's attention until a spike of missing person reports flooded in from the downtown ███████ area. Upon investigation, Foundation agents discovered Dr. Stanton in a condemned apartment building fending off SCP-████ with a table leg. When asked what he was doing in the condemned apartment building Dr. Stanton replied "I'd been studying this creature for weeks! Following it, watching its movements through the back streets; it was quite entertaining! Finally though, it caught me following it two days ago and chased me into this dump. I've been keeping it at bay ever since! Its funny… that thing is the spiting image of the [DATA EXPUNGED] of Illinois…"

Due to his extensive anthropological knowledge as well as his fervent desire for field work, he was offered a tentative position within the Foundation. Since employment, Dr. Stanton has spent nearly every minute of his time in the field sending SCP items in to the Foundation only through his assistant Agent ███████. The only times Dr. Stanton has been known to show his face is during Foundation gatherings (see photo, top right).

SCP items overseen by Dr. Stanton:

Collaborations with other researchers respectably:

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Dr. Stanton on the search for SCP-████
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