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Core idea -

A damaged probe of some form that attempts to blend into its environment, just very very badly.
It is constantly transmitting information to … somewhere, another planet/galaxy/universe - we just don't know.
Either by accident or design, it has started to transmit objects/people - if they even go anywhere on the other side, we just don't know.

Needs much work, apparently I babble too much - but I'm having difficultly getting the point across while still remaining concise, and I'm having serious trouble seeing how, and where to fix this.

Anyone who can help me put together a re-write/re-work would receive my eternal gratitude and a digital cookie - many thanks would be appreciated.

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Item #: SCP-515

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-515 is to be contained within Hangar Bay ███ at Site-██ due to its current form. It is to be kept under armed guard at all times by a team of at least 5 security personnel. The hangar bay itself is to be kept sealed at all times except for entry and exit for guard shift changes and research purposes. Once the hangar is sealed, a Faraday cage constructed around the hangar itself will become sealed, preventing all wavelengths of electronic signal from entering or exiting the hangar bay.

Under no circumstances is any form of electronic apparatus to be allowed within the hangar bay containing SCP-515, and the discovery of any such device on any member of staff within the hangar bay containing SCP-515 is grounds for immediate termination.

Entry to SCP-515 is only to occur during times of investigation, or for purposes of replacement of lost equipment through SCP-515's displacement effects. Entry to SCP-515 is only permitted for Class D personnel and then only with O5 approval. Under no circumstances are any personnel other than designated Class D are allowed due to the sensitivity of the items and information that may be lost from the displacement of more important Foundation personnel.

Description: SCP-515 is made up of two parts: SCP-515-001, comprising the bulk of the object, and SCP-515-002, a network of semi-operational systems within SCP-515-001.

The object itself is believed to be some form of probe craft that is capable of adapting its outer form in order to match its environment to gather information.

SCP-515 itself is currently in the form of a zeppelin (to match its current environment) with dimensions of 70x30x12 meters with an outer hull made out of a combination of advanced plastic and titanium plates interwoven with additional supports of an unknown metallic material.

The outer hull is dotted with sensor equipment at regular intervals. This equipment appears to collect data in the visual and audio formats, as well as ultraviolet, infra-red, atmospheric and barometric sensors. There also appears to be sensor equipment capable of gathering information from extra-universal sources that have thus far defied rational scientific explanation.

The space within SCP-515-001 defies rational physics, and contains no gravity after entering beyond 3 metres of SCP-515-001's egress point.

Most of SCP-515-001's innards are devoted to various types of computer systems, making use of traditional silicon elements, biological systems, and sections that appear to phase in and out of this universe through unknown means.

Of these systems (only a few are still receiving power and even fewer are operational), the primary systems of interest make up SCP-515-002.

SCP-515-002 appears to be a semi-functional device within SCP-515-001 that appears to be capable of some form of information transmission far beyond human engineering. What little it has been possible to gather about the device seems to indicate that it is capable of cross-universal (or, possibly, cross-multiversal) information transmission.

However, all information about SCP-515-002 before incident SCP-515-01A indicates that due to irreparable damage (and the nature of SCP-515-002) it is only capable of transmitting information, rather than receiving. The information being transmitted appears to be both aural and visual in nature, and gathered from various sensors within the ship only - and the external sensors appear to feed directly into the camouflage system, rather than the transmission system.

Before the initial investigation, this discovery of the external sensors and the nature of the transmitter still functioning within SCP-515-001 lead to the initial containment procedures and secrecy waivers, in which no sensitive information was to be discussed in any form once aboard the vessel, as the fear of spreading valuable information that could be critical to the Foundation and to humanity as a whole could be transmitted to possible threats beyond Foundation observation.

On the 09/10/20██ (Henceforth known as Incident SCP-515-01A) SCP-515-002 began to activate a number of unknown systems within SCP-515-001 - and "transmitted" a number of physical objects within SCP-515-001 through SCP-515-002 to its receiving device. The method in which SCP-515-002 managed to achieve this is completely unknown, and supposedly impossible.

The objects transmitted during the incident were all taken within 39 seconds of each other. See below for the list of objects which vanished during the incident.

- A HB type graphite pencil - taken from the clipboard of Dr. Theenk
- 9 Sheets of blank paper - taken after being placed on a nearby monitor
- An "Olympus" brand dictaphone being used by a level 2 researcher within SCP-515-001 - taken from the researcher's hand
- A Foundation camera device, plus tripod - taken from within SCP-515-001 as it was filming within the egress of SCP-515-001
- The liver of █████ █████, the level 2 researcher whose dictaphone was taken
- Junior researcher ██████████ ███████████████, the last object taken by SCP-515-002

█████ █████ died shortly afterwards, suffering from [DATA REDACTED] due to the shock of sudden liver removal, and no suitable transplant could be found in time. The remains were subjected to autopsy and with no abnormalities found, incinerated per standard Foundation protocol.

This incidented prompted the evacuation of SCP-515-001 as ordered by Dr. Theenk, and external observation of the craft continued as all remaining devices of external origin were taken by SCP-515-002's unknown systems and transmitted through SCP-515-002 itself.

SCP-515-001 was recovered from █████ within the United Kingdom, by Foundation agents after its discovery by the university of L███████ Archaeology and Anthropology department on the 12/03/20██.

Reports state that a massive industrial mining drill, traditionally used to create underground tunnels, was found just outside the storage building used for the tools used by said department.

The university staff, bemused by the sudden appearance of the object reported it to local authorities - which in turn gathered the attention of the local press.

Once the local press had arrived, and interviews with the local staff had begun, SCP-515-001 changed its physical structure and [DATA EXPUNGED] to match with the vehicles used by the local press. This in turn alerted the Foundation to SCP-515-001's existence.

All footage of SCP-515-001 has been taken into Foundation custody, and all individuals involved have been treated with class-A amnesiacs and released back into the general population.

Addendum: Incident SCP-515-01A

Since incident SCP-515-01A, continued testing with Class D personnel and recording equipment has been erratic at best, with no predictable signs to warn of an impending event. There also appears to be no way to slow, or halt the quantum effect that has so far claimed 19 camera devices, 12 robotic drones, 68 miscellaneous items and ██ personnel of various clearance levels.

As of yet, there has never been an inbound transmission, and all signs appear to show that SCP-515-002 appears to be stuck in an outbound-only method of communication. As of yet, whether SCP-515-002's effects on materials within SCP-515-001 are deliberate or a malfunction has yet to be determined.

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