Dr Velasco Test Log

Test 1
Test subject: D-12893, high school drop-out with IQ of 82
Action: Test subject is given a sheet of paper with several difficult math problems on it. He is told that if he gets them right, he will be released early. The turtle is present. Results: Five minutes after test subject begins test, turtle begins feeding him correct answers.
Notes: Well, that confirms nothing new. I wonder if it is limited to factual knowledge… -Dr. Velasco

Test 2
Test Subject: Assistant Researcher Daniels
Action: Test subject is placed in room with two plates and the turtle. One has a turkey sandwich, while the other has a roast beef sandwich. Test subject is asked to eat the turkey sandwich.
Result: Five minutes into the meal, the turtle informs Daniels that he should have eaten the roast beef. Daniels concurs with this statement, saying he is still hungry after he has eaten the turkey.
Notes: Alright then. Apparently, it can make subjective guesses on whatever the person closest to it wants. Now I want to try something different… -Dr. Velasco

Test 3
Test Subject: D-12388
Action: Prior to the test, the subject is asked if she wishes to live. After answering in the positive, she is given the turtle and told to hold on it. Test subject is then led into a long hallway. At the end of his hallway are two doors. One door (right) leads to an elevator which exists to the main laboratory. The other door (left) leads to SCP-███'s containment area. D-12388 is asked to take the left hand door and wait in the next room for five minutes before proceeding.
Result: Five minutes after choosing the left hand door, D-12388 continues walking. The turtle then tells her that she should have picked the other door. At this point, SCP-███ was activated and consumed the test subject. The turtle was later recovered by Agents ██████████ and █████.
Notes: Perfect! Now we know that the turtle is privy to knowledge unavailable to whoever is holding it. I wonder what kind of applications this has… -Dr. Velasco

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