Founded in an abandoned temple by Vedrim Halfdragon shortly after the defeat of the Circle, Dragonfort was initially made of leftover siege weapons from the war and parts thereof. After a few months, construction took off with exceptional speed thanks to the assistance of just a couple of new arrivals and the temple is now a defensible warren to rival purpose-built fortresses. Construction is always ongoing in minor ways as improvements are made to defenses and a tower is continually built, torn down, and built again for some reason.

This fortified temple is home to a handful of Dragon Warriors - kobolds who hold that, through proper physical or mental training, they can bring forth latent draconic power in their blood. While this faith is relatively obscure in practice even among Serran kobolds, the founding of the fortress has not gone entirely unnoticed. However, few enough are willing to journey to Hos-Lamal that nobody considers it much of a threat.

The mission of Dragonfort, as its inhabitants will be quick to tell you, is firstly to provide the Dragon Warriors a home where they will not be forced to fight in the service of another. Secondarily, they provide training to any of those of "good repute" who are willing to undertake it, regardless of species, in the hopes of keeping the Sect Lands a peaceful place a while longer now that the war has passed. Additionally, many of the Dragon Warriors are trained in healing and will provide aid to those who need it in the area despite being surpassed in this area by several other temples in the city.

To these ends, the Dragon Warriors support their fortress through a limited amount of agriculture, including a surprising number of uses for cave moss, taking bounty jobs or providing security in the region, and a small mine from which they manage to produce the materials for traditional kobold weapons. While not a particularly rich temple, it is rumoured a small number of "shinies" are kept well hidden. Additionally, a small crew of kobolds led by one playing a strange stringed instrument is often spotted maintaining roads in the area at a frankly alarming speed, for which they accept any donations that are forthcoming - though few are.

Those who do take up the standing offer to train at Dragonfort without joining the Dragon Warrior faith can expect a rigorous level of physical training, a crash course in small unit tactics, and may even come away with a number of minor spells.

While a seemingly militaristic organisation, the Dragon Warriors actively seek to maintain friendly relations with authorities and other religious organisations in the region - the Commander is seen calling into other temples relatively frequently, especially the Chapel of the Serran Way. The Dragon Warriors also frequently participate in any open tournaments at Blade's Rest, and have extended a permanent invitation to the Paladins of Heironeous to do the same at Dragonfort. Additionally, a number of Dragon Warriors are often spotted frequenting a tavern in Hos-Lamal known as The Dragon's, but their purpose there is presumed to be more to do with the food than with any diplomatic mission.

Notable figures within Dragonfort:

  • Vedrim Halfdragon, Commander and founder of the fortress. Rumoured to have some relationship with Firanne, the True Dragon of the region. Simply an energetic green blur to many people, she is usually content to leave the specifics of leading to her captains now that the fort is mostly functioning. Leads missions herself relatively frequently and trains recruits in both the effective use of their natural weapons and larger, two-handed, weapons.
  • Furtim of Patosis, Scout Captain. Responsible for a number of trainees, this grizzled kobold lived long in Serre, surviving as a Dragon Warrior who had escaped service much longer than most. Rarely seen, and even more rarely without his bandana. Favours stealth, sabotage, hit-and-run tactics, luring opponents into ambushes, and cigars.
  • Tatrix of Serre, Mage Captain. Rarely seen without a wide-brimmed conical hat almost as tall as he is, this wizardly lizard runs much of the magical side of Dragonfort. Rumoured to be constantly building some kind of magic tower, which never seems to be going well, he also insists on teaching every recruit who is capable at least a few lesser spells.
  • Vind of Serre, Warsinger. Although not a captain, this kobold is a frequent leader on missions and is one of the Dragon Warriors more often spotted around Hos-Lamal, in their capacity as a performer. Responsible for Lorekeeping and teaching recruits who require the assistance of props and fuel to breathe fire, a Dragon Warrior move towards inclusiveness. Rumoured to have built much of Dragonfort with the aid of a magic instrument and a siege engineer.
  • Locitas of King's Harbor, Cavalry Captain. Despite there not being enough Dragon Warriors to yet have separate divisions, this young kobold made Captain not long after arrival due to their apparent ability to dictate the tide of battle from the back of nearly any animal. Formerly a messenger whose size allowed him to remain mounted in the city and on the docks, regardless of any activity.
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