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Item #: SCP-12XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-12XX itself poses no immediate threat to the Foundation, it is to be housed in a storage locker 19-B at Site 19. An electronic lock is to secure the locker at all times. Dr. █████ and Dr. ███ have been provided with the password, and are permitted full access at any time.

Instances of SCP-12XX-1 are to be stored in a room no further than 100 meters from SCP-12XX, and are not to be further than 100 meters from SCP-12XX at any time. Two armed guards are to be stationed inside this room at all times. Any instances of SCP-12XX-1 are to be fitted with tracking devices before experimenting with SCP-12XX begins.

Description: SCP-12XX is a small stone eye of Egyptian origin. Mineral testing on the object has revealed it to be composed entirely of █████. On its own, SCP-12XX exhibits no anomalous properties; however, when it comes into contact with a sapient life form's skin, it becomes unable to be removed by any known means. SCP-12XX will 'remove' itself from the subject's skin upon loss of consciousness, returning to the location where it was originally picked up. Any subject who has activated the bonding property of SCP-12XX is to be designated as SCP-12XX-1.

Subjects with SCP-12XX attached to their skin describe feelings of paranoia while 'wearing' it, claiming they feel like they are being watched. Other than this, SCP-12XX exhibits no other anomalous properties bar not being able to be removed from the subjects skin.

Upon loss of consciousness, the current bearer of SCP-12XX will fall into a deep comatose state. During this state, any and all aging of the subject is halted. Subjects designated SCP-12XX-1 are unable to be awoken from this state until SCP-12XX gains a new host, and will return to their comatose state upon loss of SCP-12XX's current host's consciousness. Upon awakening, subjects show an intense urge to reclaim SCP-12XX from the current host through any means necessary, ranging from pleading to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 12xx-A

Subject was placed into the same room as Scp-12xx and felt like he was being watched after 20 minutes.
Subject fainted after 20 more minutes and SCP-12xx returned to it's original position. Subject did not wake up until next subject was placed in the chamber [DATA REDACTED]

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