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SCP-XXX: Illusionary Shapeshifter

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained within a two-room cell located in an isolated wing of Site █. The cell is to be furnished solely with a cot, a chair, and a desk, as well as sanitary facilities. Standard meals should be provided to SCP-XXX three times a day. A variety of reading materials, selected by SCP-XXX’s researchers, may also be provided to SCP-XXX on a weekly basis, at the discretion of the chief researcher. SCP-XXX is also permitted to access Site █’s exercise facilities on a weekly basis, when accompanied by two armed guards. This activity is also at the discretion of the chief researcher. SCP-XXX is not permitted to request additional privileges, and all such requests are to be ignored.

SCP-XXX’s cell is only accessible through a security door linked to a standard biometric locking system. Two guards, provided with non-lethal weaponry such as tranquilizer pistols, are to be posted at the entrance to SCP-XXX’s holding area at all times. If possible, security personnel assigned to SCP-XXX are to have demonstrated above average resistance to mental interference as part of [DATA EXPUNGED] process. SCP-XXX’s cell, as well as the corridor linked to it, is to be monitored via video surveillance at all times.

Description: SCP-XXX is a middle-aged Caucasian male, approximately 1.88 meters in height and 95 kilograms in weight. SCP-XXX is almost entirely bald, but possesses a notable amount of facial hair. Altogether, however, SCP-XXX is physically unremarkable from any other average human.

SCP-XXX is, however, capable of a limited form of telepathy that manifests itself to his victims as a form of shapeshifting. SCP-XXX can distort nearby persons’ perceptions of him, replacing his actual appearance with that of any other humanoid shape. The level of this distortion appears to be controlled by SCP-XXX, with a wide range of variance having been recorded. During testing, SCP-XXX has been able to provoke minor changes in others’ perceptions of his appearance of him, such as merely changing his eye color, to significant changes, with one D-class subject claiming that SCP-XXX had adopted the appearance of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-XXX appears to be able to rapidly shift through images he is projecting, an ability he has presumably used to disorient his victims. Notably, SCP-XXX’s telepathic abilites, while fairly limited in scope, also appear to be able to access facial memory. In some tests, SCP-XXX has adopted the appearance of a subject’s family member or friend, despite having apparently never met or seen these persons previously.

SCP-XXX claims to lack control of this telepathy, and appears to be suffering from increasingly severe mental degradation. Since containment, observation has monitored a varying cycle of dramatic changes in SCP-XXX’s behavior and mental state, with SCP-XXX remaining in a lucid, relatively cooperative state, before shifting to a much more aggressive and hostile temperament. On average this cycle consists of a roughly twenty-four to forty-eight period of lucidity, followed by a twelve to eighteen hour period of aggression. Aggressive periods ranging from only a few hours to nearly a week in length have been monitored, however, and the length of SCP-XXX’s cooperative state has gradually lessened since initial containment. SCP-XXX, when in a cooperative state, asserts to have little to no memory of anything occurring while in his opposite state. SCP-XXX’s telepathic abilities have, thus far, only manifested during periods of hostility, making testing difficult.

Further testing with SCP-XXX has demonstrated flaws in its projective abilities. Tests with large groups of subjects have indicated SCP-XXX has an upward limit of █ █ persons it can project a stable image to. Tests surpassing this threshold have resulted in reports of ‘flickering’ and ‘shearing’ from the subjects, and have also resulted in SCP-XXX becoming visibly strained. Tests with smaller groups of subjects that have previously demonstrated above-average willpower or resistance to [DATA EXPUNGED] similar results.

Notes: SCP-XXX was transferred to Foundation custody in 20XX, after his arrest by the FBI during their investigation into a series of murders in the states of XXXXX and XXXXXXX in the Western United States. After SCP-XXX’s abilities became apparent to the Bureau, Assistant Director XXXXXXXX contacted the Foundation, leading to [DATA EXPUNGED]. All non-Foundation personnel involved were administered class-B amnesiacs, with a D-class resembling SCP-XXX soon thereafter put into FBI custody.

SCP-XXX was thereafter identified as XXXXX XXXXXXX, a former power plant engineer from XXXXXXXX, Maine, who had been reported as missing █ years earlier, after failing to return from a business trip to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Although interviews are difficult to conduct due to SCP-XXX’s mental deterioration, interviews conducted while in its lucid state have suggested SCP-XXX has a limited knowledge of his crimes, although it remains unclear whether this is inferred knowledge or whether it retains a very limited awareness when in a hostile state.


Item #: SCP-XXX

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