Idea #1: 'Trucked in the Head'. (Title courtesy of Voct)

Level: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to remain locked in Sub-Level 2, Bay 16 of Site 19's motor pool. Access to SCP-XXX is to be restricted and SCP-XXX is to be guarded by no less than three security officers of Level 2 clearance with no reported anxiety or depression issues. The keys to SCP-XXX are to be locked in an electronic safe in Dr. Swift's office. The code to the safe is to be changed every fifteen days. All testing and use of of SCP-XXX must be cleared by Dr. Swift, a site psychiatrist, Site 19's Motor Pool Director, and one Agent or Administrator of level 2 clearance or higher. Under no circumstances is either Dr. Gears, Dr. Bright, or Dr. Gerald allowed to drive SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a diesel engine semi-tractor truck of the Freightliner Century C120 line, painted a metallic blue color. SCP-XXX's exterior bears basic signs of regular use and sightly below average care that a typical vehicle of this type would receive over the course of a 5 year period in central Virginia. The interior of SCP-XXX's cabin is of a typical truck, if somewhat more utilitarian than average. No anomalous features can be seen until the gas tanks and enginge are inspected.

SCP-XXX's more unique anomalous features do not manifest until one attempts to drive SCP-XXX. Upon inserting SCP-XXX's key into the ignition and turning it, SCP-XXX 'starts up' like any typical truck of its size would, including giving off exhaust (At the time of writing, the source of this exhaust is unknown, but captured samples bear the same chemical composition as diesel exhaust). SCP-XXX appears to drive as expected, verified by staff and D-class that have history driving commercial vehicles, for the first half hour. After a subject has been driving SCP-XXX for 30 consecutive minutes, the subject begins to suffer from auditory and visual hallucinations, as well as suffer from increased sensitivity to anxiety. After one hour of consecutive driving, connection to any tracking equipment inside or attached to SCP-XXX will cease to function and SCP-XXX will vanish from sight. Communication with subject and any other occupant can be maintained through the use of the on board CB radio. Testing and video logs have shown that SCP-XXX seems to transports itself and anything in direct contact with it to an unknown desert road where SCP-XXX is the only operating vehicle after it disappears from sight. At this stage, the subject becomes increasingly distressed, and the hallucinations are not longer affecting the driving subject alone, any item or person capable of both hearing and seeing will be able to detect the phenomena.

So far, recorded instances of hallucinations include:
-Ominous knocking from the engine cavity
-Sounds described as tires exploding
-Unavoidable wrecks on the road
-Other vehicles appearing and disappearing
-Engine going dead
-Ravines appearing and disappearing
-Thick fog
-Threats directed at the driver on CB and FM radios
-Signs bearing threatening messages and images
-Heavy Rain and unusual weather patterns
-Complete darkness
-Smoke and fire from engine cavity
-Wild/rabid animals inside the cabin
-Loud banging from trailer
-View outside windshield turning 90-180 degrees in respect to horizon line

Testing has shown that if the driver is not sufficiently distressed or disturbed after two hours of continuous driving, SCP-XXX will 'break down', reappearing in a random desert, approximately 500km from the nearest settlement of any size greater than three buildings. SCP-XXX will remain in a 'broken down' state, regardless of the actions the subject(s) take, for one whole week (168hrs exactly) or until the driving subject (defined as the initial driver for the trip) becomes sufficiently distressed, whichever takes longer. During this time, tracking equipment's functionality is partially restored, pinpointing the location of SCP-XXX to a circular area 100km wide. Once either condition is fulfilled, SCP-XXX will become operable and, upon being put into gear, will return to the unknown desert road. After driving on the desert road for a grand total of three hours, SCP-XXX will reappear approximately twenty minutes away from subject's destination, on an off-ramp of the nearest major highway. From this point until SCP-XXX comes to a complete rest and is turned off, the driving subject becomes increasingly more relaxed and level-headed, moreso than one would after such experiences (verified by overall mental conditions of passengers). Upon completion of the journey, the driving subject appears 'cured' of any and all anxiety related ailments, only to have a 80% chance of relapse after roughly four months. Subjects that do relapse tend to develop more severe symptoms, up to and including suicidal, homicidal, and further psychosis. Passenger subjects tend to not receive the same calming effects, but generally do not show any signs of long term effects outside rare cases of PTSD.

SCP-XXX was brought to the Foundation's attention when it suddenly appeared on satellite scans in the northern area of the Sahara Desert. A MTF was immediately sent to the scene and was able to secure the object without difficulty. SCP-XXX was found alongside its current driver, [Redacted], whose company had reported missing three days prior to the object's procurement. After [Redacted] informed us of the object's properties, he was adminstered Class B amnesiacs and returned to his home town.

Idea #2 God's Eye

Item#: SCP-719

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-719 is to be kept in the secure lockers at Site-19. There are two keys to said locker, assigned to members of Senior Staff. The Senior Staff who hold the keys are to rotate on the first of the month. Security Level 5 is required for information on who is to hold each key.

Description: SCP-719 is a black metal circle, 7 cm in diameter, covered by a similar black metal mesh on one side, and a circular magnet on the reverse. The inside metal disc bears an imprint of the words 'The Factory.' The metal appears to be simple steel, and is easily disassembled and destroyed. SCP-719 is identical in appearance to SCP-721 and SCP-720.

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