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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained within a fully sound-proofed chamber at all times. The chamber is to be fitted with double soundproofed airlocks. No audio feed from the containment cell is permitted. A permanently manned security cordon is to be maintained in a 20 meter perimeter around the containment chamber. In addition, no sound recording devices are to be allowed within 20 meters of SCP-XXX under any circumstances. Any persons attempting to smuggle such devices within this distance must be apprehended and remanded to high security custody pending debriefing.

Any personnel entering SCP-XXX's containment cell must wear full sound protection, consisting of a minimum of Grade Red Sonic Protection Gear; any tests requiring full auditory perception in test subjects must possess Level 4 permission before access is granted, and all test subjects must be terminated following the test’s conclusion. Any personnel who remain in prolonged contact (one hour or more) with the object without appropriate protection must be terminated.

Description: SCP-XXX is a small ring of blue metal, of 6 x 8 cm, possessing a dull finish. The material from which the object is constructed is completely impervious to damage and appears non-reactive; this has prevented any testing of the material thus far. Aside from the above, SCP-XXX possesses no unusual physical properties. Tests performed with advanced sound detection equipment have affirmed the regular emanation of infrasonic sound waves from the empty space inside the ring. These wave pulses (SCP-XXX-1) always occur at 15 second intervals and are always at a precise frequency of 17Hz.

When in contact with SCP-XXX, personnel maintaining full auditory sensation report a growing feeling of disquiet accompanied by the sensation of light pressure upon the temples. This feeling is accompanied by measurable increases of the subject's heart rate and blood pressure, as well as increased dilation of the pupils. Following prolonged exposure (approximately 30 - 60 minutes depending on subject), the subject's heart rate and blood pressure stabilize. Furthermore, subjects have frequently reported feeling awe or fear during exposure to SCP-XXX-1; these emotional states grow in intensity the longer one is in contact with the anomaly.

Once exposure to SCP-XXX-1 ceases these emotional states appear to terminate, with heart rate and blood pressure returning to normal levels. Subjects exposed for only a short time (approximately 20 minutes or less) will not regress into these emotional states without additional contact with the anomaly. Amongst subjects exposed to SCP-XXX-1 for longer than 30 minutes, a variety of after-effects were recorded. 100% of subjects gradually regressed into mental patterns associated with exposure to the artefact within 10-12 hours of breaking contact. This regression continued, with symptoms noticeably worsening every 10-12 hours. Common symptoms included:

  • Sudden increases in blood pressure, typically exceeding levels associated with critical hypertension.
  • Complaints of immense pressure around the subjects' temples, sufficient to cause significant pain and eventual shock.
  • Heightened sensory sensitivity, particularly to light and sound.
  • Worsening of negative mental states into paranoia, hypertension and finally schizophrenia, with subjects complaining of regular auditory hallucinations (described as a deep pulsing sound) and exhibiting highly disorganized speech. Onset of schizophrenia occurred in all afflicted subjects, regardless of former mental health.

Addendum: All such affected subjects and personnel suffered serious to extreme degradation in their physical and mental state as a result of one or more of these symptoms, rendering them incapable of further action. Subjects and personnel affected have since been remanded to the custody of ██████ for rectification. Thus far all attempts to rectify mental defects suffered by the affected have failed. As painkillers and anti-psychotic medication appear to provide only temporary belief, supply of these drugs to afflicted personnel has been discontinued in order to preserve medical resources.

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