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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While not being tested, each individual of SCP-XXXX must be isolated from the group in a total sensory deprivation containment environment. While it is not considered malicious in nature, all personnel working with it are warned of the possibility that sudden, unprovoked violence by SCP-XXXX may occur at any time. In the event of an attack, properly trained security personnel must ensure that SCP-XXXX is neutralized non-lethally. Security personnel are to prioritize the continued survival of SCP-XXXX above the survival of research personnel, regardless of rank. Lethal force directed against SCP-XXXX is only authorized when it would be necessary to prevent its live capture by an outside force.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a collection of five (5) small, humanoid creatures. As a species, it ranges in height from 91 centimeters to 1.2 meters, and has a stocky build with very bony limbs. A ribcage-like structure is clearly visible through the skin of the torso, and the spinal column protrudes from the back. The skin of SCP-XXXX is resembles that of a bird devoid of feathers. The legs make up a tiny portion of the overall height, on average 40 cm, and each foot has four claw-like toes. The arms are long and also aid in walking, similar to the locomotion of a gorilla. On each hand there are 6 fingers, two of which are opposable. The fingers are extremely long (30 cm). The hand does not have any palm structure; the fingers extend directly from the wrist. The skull is elongated out the back, containing an enormous brain. SCP-XXXX has four compound eyes, rectangular in shape, which wrap around from the front to the side of the skull, giving SCP-XXXX both binocular and 360 degree vision. Both nose and ears are entirely internal, and the mouth completely lacks lips. As SCP-XXXX lacks genitalia of any kind, it is unknown how reproduction occurs. SCP-XXXX communicate with each other in a language mainly consisting of high-pitched whistles, clicks and chirps, which has not yet been successfully deciphered. As SCP-XXXX is ██% genetically similar to humans, an extraterrestrial origin is considered unlikely.

It is not currently known whether SCP-XXXX is sapient, but it is considered unlikely. SCP-XXXX demonstrates an insatiable lust for scientific knowledge, however, it demonstrates no interests beyond experimentation. Tests have shown that SCP-XXXX has no capacity for what humans understand as art. SCP-XXXX quickly becomes angry when it has no access to objects it can experiment upon. Conversely, it can be easily distracted from its current activity by presenting it with a new object.

SCP-XXXX is capable of quickly determining the function of a device; it acquires this information through a variety of experimental techniques, though its preferred method is disassembly. This is overwhelmingly SCP-XXXX’s preferred method when studying mechanical, electronic, and biological objects.

While SCP-XXXX is generally satisfied to study the objects it is provided with, it has, on ██ occasions, attempted to either steal objects from research personnel for study, or assaulted personnel with the goal of studying them. After only █ experiments on living subjects, SCP-XXXX demonstrated a knowledge of human anatomy consistent with the late renaissance. Currently, after ██ experiments, its knowledge is completely up-to-date with modern medical science, and further experiments have been approved.

SCP-XXXX has, on several occasions, demonstrated considerable abilities of recall. When supplied with a large number of random parts, SCP-XXXX has attempted unsuccessfully to assemble objects that it has not come into contact with during its containment, including a radio, a Geiger counter, and an AK-47 rifle. While the devices were non-functional due to lack of proper components, they were still accurate enough to positively identify the intended end product. For a time, SCP-XXXX was used as a supplement to the Foundation’s Research and Development department; until a containment breach resulted in SCP-XXXX acquiring [DATA EXPUNGED] death of 64 on-site personnel. SCP-XXXX eventually became bored with the devices and left them in an attempt to study another on-site SCP object, allowing them to be pacified and the devices to be retrieved by a clean-up team. Should SCP-XXXX obtain a means of reproduction, the inevitable end result of catastrophic containment failure would be an XC-class restructuring scenario, resulting in SCP-XXXX replacing humanity as the dominant form of life on Earth.

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