SCP-XXX in active mode.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored in an anechoic chamber insulated from exterior sources of noise. No human may approach SCP-XXX outside of testing protocols. Sounds may be produced only if authorized by said protocols. No picture may be introduced inside the Site where SCP-XXX is stored. SCP-XXX is to be monitored continuously by a camera.

Description: SCP-XXX is an unalterable picture of a women with dark green eyes wearing a red dress. She has long red ornemented hair.

SCP-XXX is able to travel from a picture to another in her vicinity (less than ██ m away from her) provided the size of the new one is sufficient. The original painting is erased when SCP-XXX comes in, and is restored upon departure. When she is in passive mode, her eyes are closed and each of her hand touches her opposite shoulder. When she becomes active, she raises her right hand's index to her lips and she opens her eyes. She is otherwise immobile.

The active mode is triggered by anything that makes a sound of more than 20 dB (as heard by her). SCP-XXX's reaction vary in proportion to the level of the sound whatever its nature may be (noise, music or voice). Effects that have been observed so far includes :

  • Creation of a silence zone (10 m in radius) inside which no sound can enter or be produced despite the presence of air. This mechanism is always used first. It is also used if the source is not within 1 km.
  • Teleportation of the source of the sound away from SCP-XXX, so that the sound it produces is less than 20 dB. Range of the teleportation is 1 km.
  • If the source of the sound persists in attempting to approach her within 1 km, SCP-XXX will silence it completely. This includes unability to produce sounds by itself or by interacting with another object. The effect lasts indefinitely, but has been temporarily interrupted by SCP-XXX in one occasion.

SCP-XXX is able to locate any source of sound above 20 dB, even in case of multiple sources. She is aware of her surroundings, since the teleported objects never reappeared in a wrong location (like inside a wall). Despite her teleporting abilities, she has never teleported herself so far. Wether SCP-XXX is capable of that is unknown.

Discovery Report: SCP-XXX was discovered on ██/██/████ inside the ████ museum, where a picture was reportedly « moving on its own. » Task Force ████ was sent inside at night to recover the picture, whose title was « Silence ». The Task Force members managed to approach the picture multiple time, but they were constantly teleported away from it, until SCP-XXX silence them all. They realized that with their new condition, they could approach the picture without beeing teleported again, and managed to detach it from the wall. Shortly after, the visual communication reported below took place.

Addendum XXX-1: Although SCP-XXX does not speak, she is sentient, and must be considered uncooperative at best. Following her recovery, she was asked via visual signs to cancel Task Force ████ unability to speak. In exchange, the Foundation would [DATA EXPUNGED]. She apparently cured them, so the Foundation [DATA EXPUNGED]. However, Task Force ████ members later abruptly returned to their previous state. Since then, SCP-XXX constantly teleports humans away from her or silence them, regardless of them beeing silent or not.

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