Empty Box

Item #: SCP-1303


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1303 is to be kept in the center of a 10*10*2 m room. One pedestal is to be used as a support for the object.
The room is to be locked and secured at all times unless experiments involving SCP-1303 are scheduled. SPC-1303 is to be firmly closed at all times outside of experimentation. Access to SCP-1303 is denied outside of scheduled experiments.

Handling is to be made by D-level personnel. All staff is to remain at least five meters away from SCP-1303 during its use.


Note: As of incident 1303-1, SCP-1303's class has been set to Euclid until full understanding of its capacities has been achieved.

SPC-1303 is a black box 20*20*15 centimeters in size. The item's material is indeterminate but very dense, as its total mass is 10 kg.
SPC-1303 is unopenable by any means until the lid is detached from being held with two hands simultaneously. Said hands can be provided by multiple personnel, but testing with mechanical assistance to replace missing hands has proven fruitless.
Any attempt to scan the inside of SPC-1303 has failed.

Once triggered, SCP-1303 will emit a faint whirring noise. Any person in a 5 meter radius with the ability to hear will instantly head towards SCP-1303 and stop in front of it. After 10 seconds, the lid is propelled upwards and lands a few feet away. From this point on, any person in the radius will be prevented from leaving the 5-meter area until the lid is properly placed back on the item. No objects or individuals may enter the radius while the item is active.

Testing has shown that lid will place itself back on the item and lock itself in place again by unknown means if all the subjects in the area expire.

Observation of SCP-1303 after triggering determined that it was completely empty. However, attempting to insert an object inside the box causes it to manifest in four dimensions, as well as greatly expand its size. This results in many 'segments' of matter appearing around the item's area of effect. Said segments can manifest anywhere, even when in movement, which may result in heavily damaging intersection with objects in the zone of effect.

SPC-1303 was found by E█████ ██████████ in the town of ██████, ██ at the date of ██/██/19██. Original owner found deceased next to SPC-1303 in a state of advanced decomposition. Autopsy determined that starvation was the cause of death. No anomalies were detected apart from inability to reach SCP-1303. However, an earthquake shunted the item off the surface it resided on, causing the lid which was stuck under a nearby object to fly out at high speeds and reconnect with SCP-1303. Object classified as Safe and stored in Site 19.

Incident Log 1303-1: While experimenting with SCP-1303's area of effect, a loud noise made by Dr █████ dropping his clipboard caused the subject to drop the lid inside SCP-1303, causing [DATA EXPUNGED].
Room was rebuilt to larger dimensions, in order to prevent further incidents. Object reclassified as Euclid.

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