Endless Department Store

Item #: SCP-1374

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1374's doors are to be kept locked at all times. It is not recommended to shoplift from SCP-1374 without approval due to [REDACTED], causing several fatalities. Within the store, Mobile Task Force Omega-18 ("Bed Bath and Reconnaissance") must be stationed at least 10 miles from another (or the entrance) for the first 300 kilometers. Any anomalous or dangerous activity within the range of these guards must be reported imminently.

Description: SCP-1374 is a large department store that is countless times larger on the interior than exterior. It was founded in 19██ by ████████ Co. as part of the █████████ █████ chain. It is located in ██████, IL. The building had existed prior to this acquisition, though there is no record of its foundation. At opening, to the company's dismay, the shelves were already stocked with products, most belonging to the ██████████ brand. After attempts to clear the premises failed, the endlessness of the store was reported to the local police on September 17, 19██. The foundation acquired the store soon after. The store, at last expedition, was reported to continue for over 947 km. It is unknown how long it truly goes on, due to the intense fog that appears to have no known source appearing after the first 540 km. SCP-1374 contains no staff, instead using [REDACTED] to replenish goods automatically. Sentience of said objects is possible. Although the initial 5 km of store contains very average, everyday items; the products become much stranger after that. See Addendum 1374-01 for notable examples. SCP-D1374's interior is mostly painted off-white, with escalators and light sources that seem not to require energy. The mechanics of such machines are being investigated. Level 3 access is required to go past 300 km; level 4 access is required to go past 550 km.

Addendum 1347-01

Aisle List SCP-1374

Aisle: Baseball Aisle

Location: 0.4 km

Description: Baseball-themed items are in this aisle; there are balls, equipment, and various team-themed items, some from the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Aisle: Katana Aisle

Location: 3 km

Description: This aisle contains many Japanese swords; however, not all of them are katanas, some even being non-blade weapons such as sai. Most are contained in clear plastic., some in printed cardboard boxes.

Aisle: Teledildonics Aisle

Location: 19 km

Description: This aisle contains electronic sex toys, most intended to be connected via a USB+ port to a computer. They contain software that allows them to be used to the internet for remote controlling. One such device is "The Jaws of Venus", which melts the male penis by [REDACTED], causing extreme euphoria.

"Worth it."
-Dr. ███████

Aisle: Minihelpers aisle [sic.]

Location: 32 km

Description: This aisle's product selection consists entirely of robotic plush toys that seem to be sentient. They are friendly and helpful, yet strangely joyful most of the time. They are shaped like everyday objects such as cans of soda, golf balls, televisions, [REDACTED]. After D-████ attacked one during an expedition, ("for shits and giggles" [sic.]) they became extremely hostile, killing D-████, D-████, and several members of MTF-Omega 18 before all were terminated. Aisle to be avoided at all costs.

Aisle: Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth: the Movie!

Location: 46 km

Description Contains merchandise from a movie based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool. This movie, nor plans to create it exist. Merchandise includes toy weapons, working weapons, costumes, and action figures. Actor ████████ █████ seems to be the base for the action figures of Deadpool.

Aisle: Fuel

Location: 145 km

Description: This aisle contains fuel for many types of vehicles, such as oil, diesel, coal, uranium and solar cells, batteries, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Sugar was found in the oil, and trace amounts of nitroglycerine were discovered in the batteries. Sentience of SCP-1374 is being investigated. Do not use fuel at any cost.

Aisle: SCP Aisle

Location: 239 km

Description: This aisle contains merchandise based on different SCPs. One item was a 24-cm polished ceramic figure of SCP-173, which mimicked its properties, causing minor flesh
wounds on several agents. Another was a limestone statue of SCP-682 containing a gas-based laxative, causing many agents to collectively void their bowels after it was shot at by Field Agent ███████. It also contained a typed note on a small slip of parchment reading "How do you like us now, Foundation?". Sentience being investigated further.

"This thing seems to be openly mocking us now."
Field Agent ███████


Location: 578 km

Description: A group of [DATA EXPUNGED] about 6 meters tall. They are made of an alloy of titanium, aluminium, [REDACTED], iron, and cobalt, despite appearing biological in appearance. They seem to be the source of the fog, producing it by [DATA EXPUNGED]. [REDACTED], causing amnesia, blindness, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to control them as a power source is ongoing.

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