Energy Block
To prevent accidental activation, no cameras have been permitted around SCP-1714.

Item #: SCP-1714

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1714 is currently kept in Storage Unit 24 of Site 19, a completely sealed room devoid of any air born percipient. For safety concerns, a living [REDACTED] must be kept in the room at all times, to ensure SCP-1714's effect cannot transpire outside of Unit 24. Moving of this SCP must be carried out by no less than 2 personnel with Class 1 Clearance, as well as supervision by one personnel, with no lower than Class 2 Clearance. In all instances in which SCP-1714 is moved, completely solid metal clamps, with non-separable handles must be attached to SCP-1714, and may not be released without authorization.

Any and all personnel approaching or interacting with SCP-1714 must wear provided skin tight suits, and a provided head cover. (Note: It has been found that protective equipment serves no purpose in preventing SCP-1714's effect. Therefore, all personnel interacting with SCP-1714 are not permitted to wear gloves or head covers of any kind, to eliminate the possibility of SCP-1714's effect from occurring without consent.) No loose items are permitted in Unit 24, or around SCP-1714 at any time. Any personnel caught attempting to smuggle in a non-attached item for use with SCP-1714 will be removed from the site immediately, and will be subject to judicial ruling for severe punishment.

Description: SCP-1714 is a solid white block that measures 45cm x 30cm x 8cm, that, when inanimate objects are placed on its surface, produces a deep green flame. Attempts at discovering what the white block is made of have all proven unsuccessful. The fire itself has been tested multiple times, and it has been noted that the fire produced from SCP-1714 is impossible to use in order to catch other objects on fire, and cannot be extinguished in any way. One attempt at this, conducted by Subject █████████, resulted in immediate death of the Subject. Subject █████████ attempted to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Any objects put inside of the fires created by SCP-1714 will become super heated to the maximum temperature of ████ degrees Celsius, but will not combust. It has been observed that in order to supply this heat, SCP-1714 draws energy in from the nearest biologically living object, causing the closest section of that object to freeze to absolute zero. The larger the object placed on top of SCP-1714, the more area is seen to freeze on the biological source. This freezing is considered irreversible undergoing detailed testing and attempts at removal. Once the object on top of SCP-1714 has been heated to the maximum temperature, the object falls off, and slowly begins to cool. Attempts to discover what causes the object to fall from SCP-1714 have shown no results.

It is currently unknown what effect takes place if a living object is placed on top of SCP-1714.

The following Addendums are tests conducted to determine the nature of SCP-1714.

Addendum: 1714-A: Multiple Subjects

A total of five Subjects were placed into Unit 24, all equal distances from SCP-1714. Using a mechanical device from outside the room, a [REDACTED] was placed on top of SCP-1714. No immediate reactions were found. However, Subject ██████ then coughed unexpectedly, causing his head to move forward approximately 2cm. The freezing that resulted began on his forehead, and continued to cover the front half of Subject ██████'s head, until Subject ██████ fell to the floor, seemingly unconscious. Freezing immediately stopped, and the total temperature of the object on top of SCP-1714 stopped rising. It was not until another Subject reached out a hand to help, that the temperature began to increase once more, and the finger tips of the standing Subject froze completely. At this point, [REDACTED] fell from the top of SCP-1714, and the freezing stopped. Subject ████████████'s fingers have been removed and are being used for further study. The Subject who had come in first contact with SCP 1714's effect was discovered to have been killed from his injury.

Addendum: 1714-B: Non-Organic Materials In Front of Organic Substance

A sheet of solid steel, 15cm thick, was placed between SCP 1714, and a small [REDACTED]. Upon placing a [REDACTED] on top of SCP-1714, the small [REDACTED] instantly began to freeze. However, the heating of the object continued after the [REDACTED] had been killed. SCP-1714's effect then proceeded to pass through both the steel sheet, and Unit 24's door, freezing the left arm of Dr. ██████████, who had been outside awaiting test results. It has been determined from this test that biologically dead items are not affected by, and do not affect in anyway, SCP 1714's freezing capabilities.

Addendum: 1714-C: Severity Of Freeze Effect

A group of 20 [REDACTED] were first subject to [DATA EXPUNGED], and then placed in Unit 24. Upon a large [REDACTED] being put on top of SCP-1714, several screams were heard from some of the [REDACTED] as well as violent [DATA EXPUNGED]. After approximately 37 seconds, the noise from inside Unit 24 had stopped, and Dr. ████ deemed it safe to enter. Upon re-entering Unit 24, it was observed that 18 of the 20 [REDACTED] had been frozen completely. One of the two remaining [REDACTED] was discovered to be frozen from the waist down, beneath his layer of clothing. The last [REDACTED] was unharmed, and is currently in questioning regarding the effects of SCP-1714, and undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Addendum: 1714-D: Distance

In order to conduct this test, SCP-1714 was removed from Unit 24, and into a large storage unit, previously used to accommodate SCP-████ . The room measured 70m x 70m, with a height ranging from 2m to 10m. Several [REDACTED] were tied down to the floor in 10m intervals, at random locations on the ground. A solid piece of [REDACTED] was then placed on top of SCP-1714. Each [REDACTED] froze one by one, beginning with the closest [REDACTED], and ending with the farthest. Upon the completion of the test, it was found that a small bird had been partially frozen to the roof of the building, only 17m total distance from SCP-1714, due to the moisture outside the facility. It has been concluded that SCP-1714's effect does not follow a set radius, and instead manages to find and attack any source of life nearest to it. It is still unknown whether or not SCP-1714 has an infinite range. Tests regarding this matter are currently underway.

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