Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid (Update to Keter pending review of entity's new characteristics)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept within a host body consisting of any non-violent (see Addendum XXX-N) D-Class personnel, in an enclosed cell of square dimensions 5 meters by 5 meters, furnished comfortably. Entry is to consist of two automatic metal doors, with a containment buffer between them, such that only one or neither of the doors may be open at any given time. The containment buffer is to be soundproofed from the primary room, and contain its own intercom system. Both cell and containment buffer are to be fitted with nonlethal equipment to direct electric current into any living occupants, as a means of coercion. SCP-XXX's host is to be rotated every seven days for a new specimen, or as soon as symptoms of the third stage occur. The previous host is to remain isolated until verified that SCP-XXX has vacated its mind, and summarily terminated.

At no point should any personnel enter SCP-XXX's containment cell without explicit O5 level clearance. Violators will be isolated and thoroughly tested for presence of SCP-XXX, and terminated if they are deemed not to be a current host. If the personnel are deemed to be a host, but remain isolated and contained, proceed with the appropriate stage of containment breach operations.

SCP-XXX has been provided twenty-seven "passphrases" for use in containment, information which its hosts are not aware of. Each time the host of SCP-XXX is to be rotated, the two host personnel are to be visually exposed to one another, and the entity commanded to transfer to the newly introduced D-Class. The new host is to remain in the cell, while the old host is to retreat to the containment buffer. The new host is to be asked for one of the first twenty-six passwords (associated with a letter of the English Latin alphabet). The prior host is to be asked a passphrase which it had not been exposed to prior, whilst within the containment buffer.

  • If the new host alone provides a correct response, SCP-XXX is to be considered contained, and host rotated. The previous host is to be inspected thoroughly by any available psychic personnel.
  • If neither host subject admits to containing SCP-XXX, electric current is to be routinely passed through both until one complies to speak and admit the password. If no correct password is provided, low level containment alert is to be entered until correct password is obtained, or containment breach confirmed.
  • If the previous host admits the correct password, due to SCP-XXX refusing to "jump" to the new human specimen, the door between buffer and cell is to be opened such that the old host is able to view the new, and an electric current passed through them until the entity willingly transfers due to pain.
  • If both hosts provide an accurate password response, password question is to be repeated with dissimilar phrases. If results are similar, sabotage on part of SCP-XXX is to be suspected, and both hosts terminated by remote means. Appropriate containment breach procedures are to be assumed.

Containment Breach Procedures: Due to the mind focused manner of SCP-XXX, any potential breaches are to be considered among utmost concern. The following is a list of actions deemed necessary to locate and contain SCP-XXX in the event that the entity has "gotten loose".

  • Any personnel who are nearby SCP-XXX's containment are to immediately self-deprive of sensory input using Foundation issue blackout goggles and noise cancelling earmuffs.
  • Any personnel who suspect they may be hosting SCP-XXX are to do as above after calling security for escort (SCP-XXX has shown incapable of transferring via conversations taken over electronic means).
  • At no point are any non-affected personnel to engage physical contact with those who are sensory deprived, as physical touch between beings is a viable transfer method of the entity. Instead, use any elongated prodding apparatus to guide these potential hosts to containment.
  • Designated psychic security are to inspect the sensory deprived on an individual basis, until any anomalies are sensed. Staff deemed to feel normal by security are free to return to work, as SCP-XXX leaves a heavy mental footprint.
  • All remaining suspects are to be terminated, such that SCP-XXX "hijacks" the newly deceased host.
  • The confirmed entity is to be placed back into its cell along with a new D-Class subject, who is to be given an implement to destroy the deceased staff's brain. SCP-XXX will vacate and take up residence in the D-Class responsible.
  • Containment is to be considered restored, and the corpse of the previous staff is to be brought out by the new host in seven days.

Description: SCP-XXX is a being of pure consciousness, with no known physical component aside from a previously existing host. The only limit as to what host is "acceptable" to the entity is that the host itself has some form of consciousness. Consciousness, in this situation, implies that the subject is a vertebrate with both sight and hearing senses, and a moderately intact nervous system. If a current host is able to directly see, hear, or feel another possible host, SCP-XXX can instantaneously "leap" between them. As such, at no time should SCP-XXX be exposed directly to higher level personnel.

SCP-XXX originally came to our attention when a staff member in low level security, J████ S█████████, started complaining of headaches and hearing voices in ██/██/20██. When it became apparent that the phenomenon was not simply psychological in nature, SCP-XXX was quickly classified and put into early methods of containment. While even the entity itself is unaware of its origin, it has proven to be both highly cooperative and symbiotic dangerous and parasitic.

Manifestation of SCP-XXX typically occur in a series of stages, with hosts uniformly experiencing it to be a sensation of "some one else had attached their mind" to theirs. These subjects report being able to access any information and skills known by SCP-XXX with near 100% recognizance, but claim incapable of accessing memories. SCP-XXX, similarly, can do the same with any host, however has shown quite capable of seeing into memories.

Stages of SCP-XXX manifesting are as follows:

  1. Host claims the aforementioned sensation of multiple minds being part of their own. Within hours, subject begins claiming to hear a single voice speaking to them, often in polite tone (see Addendum XXX-F). Voice varies between hosts, however attitude and personality remains relatively constant.
  2. After four days, the host's mind will attempt to make sense of this voice, and the subject will begin to hallucinate a figure somewhat in line with the being as the source of voice. Figure is always courteous and well dressed.
  3. At approximately seven days, stage three begins, with the host now showing signs of dissociative identity disorder. The entity effectively manifests into an alternate personality which will occasionally have control of the host's body. The host can retrieve control at will, and claim to be relinquishing control at will as well.
  4. While a fourth stage has not been observed by any Foundation personnel, SCP-XXX claims that it indeed has such a stage, and refuses to let it occur. Stage 4 determined to be complete takeover of host via an unknown means of destroying their consciousness (or standard physical death). While the entity has control over a body, it cannot transfer to another being, but it has proven to be extremely dangerous. Physical strength is standard, but psychic ability [DATA EXPUNGED]. Restore to previous stage by complete host termination as soon as possible.

Addendum XXX-A: Testing took place to determine what nonhuman subjects SCP-XXX could interact with. The entity seemed truly curious at this, and was eager to get started. It seemed only capable of inhabiting mammals, with no adverse effects shown on taking over any nonhuman mammal. In fact, the first two stages of symbiosis lasted only a total of thirty minutes per subject, and SCP-XXX was able to take control thereafter. Upon returning to D-51213, stage two of symbiosis was restored instantly.

Overseer of SCP-XXX research Dr. G██████ expressed concern over using D-Class hosts. Proposed suspending use of such subjects. Proposal was denied by O5-██.

Addendum XXX-F: Recent interviews with SCP-XXX have started to show a significant change in psychological profile. Hosts are beginning to report that the voices and apparitions during the first two stages of symbiosis are turning toward a more hostile direction. While hosts can still access the entity's memory, some claim to have trouble, as if being intentionally blocked out.

Addendum XXX-N: SCP-XXX now deemed extremely hostile. Cause of vast change in entity's psyche is pending research. Containment protocols have been updated. Dr. G██████ suspects that SCP-XXX gradually absorbs aspects of subjects it is exposed to; in light of recent events, all use of D-Class with known violent or sociopathic traits has been suspended.

Addendum XXX-O: Dr. G██████ has since posted his resignation, citing the loss of SCP-XXX's cooperation due to failure to heed his warning as "the last straw". Dr. G██████ has been given a class-A amnesiac and has been transferred to research on SCP-███.

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