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Seeking Maria


Shaun Daniels: protagonist, 25 years old, degree in _, works as a
Maria Daniels: lost sister, disappeared when she was 16, presumed dead but is she?
Brian Daniels: lost father. Missing for 7 years, disappeared at age 47. Last thing he said was an incoherent phone conversation about "fragments of memory". left no note or anything.
Angela Daniels: insane mother, in a mental hospital in Vancouver. Shaun visits regularly.


  • 1995: Shaun's older sister Maria disappeared.
  • 1997: a Vancouver resident - Lee Carter - approached the police and confessed to kidnapping and murdering five teenaged girls, including Maria.
    • During the trial, Carter revealed the locations of the remains of the girls. All bodies were heavily degraded, decomposed, and damaged, and recognition was all but impossible. DNA analysis of some of the bones suggested that one of the girls might have been Maria, which was considered sufficient. The case was closed, Carter was given the maximum sentence for multiple first-degree murder.
  • 1998: After the trial, Shaun's family fell apart. His parents divorced and moved to different cities. Shaun's mother became erratic and despondent. Late in the year, Shaun found her at home, comatose after a pill overdose. She was placed on suicide watch and eventually transferred to a mental ward, where she remains to this day.
  • 2001: Shaun's father loses his job and enters a similar spiral to Shaun's mother. Shaun manages to keep him going, and helps him find a new job and enter therapy.
  • 2003: Shaun moves to Calgary to attend university. His father becomes increasingly difficult to contact. Finally, after a week without hearing from him, Shaun calls the police, who search his father's apartment and can't find any sign of him. He appears to have packed his belongings as if for a trip. After an extended period, Shaun's father is declared a missing person.
  • 2004: Shaun receives a scholarship from the Galliotte Foundation for continuing with school in the face of trauma and adversity.
  • 2007: Shaun graduates with a bachelor's degree in _, in the middle of his class. He receives a job soon after.
  • 2010: Shaun receives an anonymous email. It read simply “Your sister still needs you.” and was from the email address “”. He realises it doesn't specify if she's alive or not, but begins doing what he can to find out more information about her killer.
    • The police prove remarkably uncooperative. They have no interest in reopening this resolved case, and seem to believe Shaun is pulling a prank of some kind. Logical argument does nothing to sway them, and in fact they become belligerent and unpleasant when Shaun tries to press it.
    • With his father still missing and his mother in an asylum, Shaun decides to investigate on his own. He is worried for his safety, and says so on Youtube. He's recording this so that what happens to him is not a mystery. He's afraid because, in his last phone conversation with his father, Brian kept going on about “fragments of memory”, the username in the email.
    • There will probably be something at as well that gives a good starting point.
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