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Item #: SCP-1512

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building complex containing SCP-1512 is to remain boarded up, surrounded by a chain-link fence and marked as condemned and extremely hazardous. A Foundation security team is to be permanently stationed at the site, to prevent entrance by civilians and unauthorized personnel.
SCP-1512 is to be kept under constant video surveillance by on-site staff; senior staff must be notified immediately about any activity within SCP-1512 or any alteration of the water level within SCP-1512.

At no point should personnel be allowed to enter SCP-1512, even under testing conditions.

Description: SCP-1512 is a swimming pool located within an abandoned sports complex in █████████, █████████, UK. SCP-1512 measures 12m wide by 25 m long and signage lists SCP-1512's depth as ranging from 1 m to 3.5 m at its deepest point. There are 2 (two) ladders positioned at either end of SCP-1512 and ten(10) water intake pumps located around it's edge just below water level. SCP-1512's total volume and maximum depth are currently unknown due to its anomalous properties.
The water level within SCP-1512 is currently 32cm below the edge of the pool.

SCP-1512 contains a large quantity of salt water (estimated in excess of 50,000 cubic meters) which has an average temperature of 15°C. Attempts to illuminate the interior of SCP-1512 beyond a depth of 12 metres 8 meters has proved ineffective as sources of illumination lowered beyond this depth are invariably attacked and destroyed by the hostile inhabitant of SCP-1512. ROVs and other automated drones placed into SCP-1512 have similarly been destroyed after descending beyond a depth of 12 metres 8 meters.
Attempts to drain SCP-1512 have been unsuccessful; pumps with a flow rate in excess of 20 m3/h, employed for 120 consecutive hours, failed to measurably reduce the level of water within SCP-1512.

SCP-1512 contains a large, hostile aquatic creature of unknown species, hereafter referred to as SCP-1512-1, which has been separately described as exhibiting features of Carcharodon carcharias (great white shark), Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni (colossal squid) and Gymnothorax javanicus (giant moray) by witnesses. SCP-1512-1 apparently cannot exit SCP-1512and predominantly remains at an estimate depth of 20 metres although it occasionally rises to approximately 12 metres 8 meters, usually when a foreign body is placed within SCP-1512, and is fully capable of attacking individuals and objects above this depth with a number of long, tentacular appendages.

Addendum: SCP-1512 came to the attention of the Foundation following a raid on the sports complex by local police in response to a number of kidnappings in the surrounding area.
Police suspected that the group who were currently occupying the abandoned building, an apparently unnamed religious cult, were responsible for the kidnappings and assaulted the building in force.
During the ensuing fire-fight all members of the Cult were either killed or were reported to have thrown themselves into SCP-1512 once they realised the building was surrounded. A number of police officers were also apparently dragged into SCP-1512 by members of the cult, as were a number of the kidnapped individuals whom the cult were keeping in cages around the edge of SCP-1512.

When Foundation agents embedded in the police force received reports of the assault and the "giant squid monster" that had attacked the police officers they moved in and secured the area, removing the surviving kidnap victims for debriefing and treating all attending police personnel with class-C amnesiacs.

When SCP-1512 was first secured a number of ritual inscriptions were discovered around the edge of the pool, written in a mixture of Akkadian, ancient Greek and Norse, referring to various mythological aquatic deities and creatures including Scylla, Tiamat, Tethys, Charybdis and Jörmungandr.
In addition a number of human bones, sections of animal carcasses (later identified to belong to Cetorhinus maximus (basking shark), lophius piscatorius (angler fish) and Loligo vulgaris (european squid)) and small stones were discovered around the edge of SCP-1512 and placed within the water filters.

Incident-1512-a: On ██/██/20██ two D-Class personnel were sent into SCP-1512 to gauge SCP-1512-1's reaction to commercially-available shark repellent. Both were immediately attacked and dragged beneath the surface of SCP-1512. Immediately following the attack on-site staff observed the water level in SCP-1512 rise by approximately 20cm.

To confirm this observation, Dr Small authorised another D-class to be sent into SCP-1512 and the water level observed. The D-class was again attacked by SCP-1512-1 and the water level of SCP-1512 again rose by 10cm.

Incident-1512-b: On ██/██/20██, during an attempt to map the interior layout of SCP-1512, it was observed that SCP-1512-1 was able to attack the ROV as it passed a depth of 8 metres, rather than the previously established 12 meter boundary.
Careful review of test logs revealed that the depth boundary had apparently changed following Incident-1512-a.

Following this observation all further testing on SCP-1512 has been suspended pending review.

SCP-432 exploration logs (on going work)

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