Experiment Log SCP-1XXX-Funny Joke

Experiment Log for the Testing of SCP-1XXX
Head Research Member: Dr. █████

Experiment SCP-1XXX-A:

One (1) D-Class personnel (D-3765) is placed into Testing Area One, with folding TV monitor installed in ceiling. D-Class is fluent in English. Screen is deployed, SCP-1XXX displayed on screen. D-3765 reads and begins laughing uncontrollably. Subject continues laughing for thirty-six (36) hours until cardiac arrest induced by over-stress of heart. Subject is pronounced dead.

Conclusion: SCP-1XXX can travel by means of reading it. This disproves viral theory, room and subject were sterilized prior to initiation of test.

Experiment SCP-1XXX-B:

Two (2) D-Class personnel (D-3780, D-3769) are placed within two separate rooms (Testing Area 1, Testing Area 2). Both D-Class are fluent in English. Folding screen is deployed in D-3780's room, SCP-1XXX displayed on screen. D-3780 begins laughing uncontrollably. Door from D-3780 to D-3769 is opened. D-3769 investigates the sound of laughter. Upon sighting D-3769, D-3780 rushes to him and proceeds to convey the joke, and stops laughing temporarily in order to tell the joke with perfect delivery. D-3769 begins exhibiting the same symptoms as D-3780. Initial subject dies from cardiac arrest in thirty-five (35) hours. D-3736 witnesses the death of D-3780 and becomes extremely alarmed. It should be noted that despite witnessing the death, D-3769 continues to laugh at the same intensity, dying 15 minutes later.

Conclusion: D-3780 seems to have, upon sighting D-3769, made a deliberate beeline for him. This supports the theory that SCP-1XXX somehow compels the afflicted subject to convey the joke. Further testing will be done to determine the extent of SCP-1XXX's influence over subject.

As a side note, seeing as the previous experiment and this one had the same reaction, I will be abbreviating the reaction to "(subject) exhibits expected symptoms." This is done in the spirit of efficiency as it is precious seconds that I am not wasting hunched in front of this damn computer.
—Dr. █████

Experiment SCP-1XXX-C:

Two (2) D-Class personnel (D-3791, D-3795) placed within testing area, D-3791 within Testing Area 1, D-3795 within Testing Area 2. Both D-Class are fluent in English. Folding screen is deployed in D-3791's room, SCP-1XXX displayed on screen. D-3791 exhibits expected symptoms. Twenty four (24) hours are allowed to pass from time of initial exposure, D-3791 begins showing signs of worry and moderate physical pain. Door adjoining rooms is opened. D-3795 is woken up by sound of laughter and investigates. D-3791 heads straight towards D-3795 and proceeds to convey the joke perfectly. D-3791, upon completion, falls to the floor in obvious agony with a confused expression upon his face. D-3795 exhibits expected symptoms. D-3791 dies of cardiac arrest thirty-six (36) hours after initial exposure. D-3795 dies thirty-one (31) hours after exposure.

Conclusion: SCP-1XXX appears to be able to behave in an almost parasitic fashion, able to take control of an afflicted subject. D-3791 was exhibiting signs that he was aware of the consequences reading SCP-1XXX caused.

Addendum to Experiment SCP-1XXX-C: By order of Dr. █████, research into the effects of SCP-1XXX is to be temporarily halted, as further research would result in the costly death of more D-Class. Experiments are to be directed towards finding a "cure" to SCP-1XXX's effects in order to contain costs.

Experiment SCP-1XXX-D:

One (1) D-Class personnel (D-3783) placed in Testing Area 1. Medical Response Team is placed within Testing Area 1, D-3783 is told they are for cautionary purposes. Folding screen is deployed, D-3783 reads it. Upon exhibiting expected symptoms, Medical Team administers tranquilizer and a Class-A Amnesiac to D-3783. Upon waking, D-3783 does not continue laughing.

Conclusion: As we thought, the symptoms of SCP-1XXX are caused by the memory of the joke itself. This explains why Research staff are able to memorize parts of SCP-1XXX and not exhibit any symptoms. Due to the unpredictable nature of amnesiacs and the danger SCP-1XXX poses, D-3783 is to be placed under observation until such time as he can be deemed "clean" of the memory of SCP-1XXX. D-3783 is, upon surviving, not to be re-used for testing with SCP-1XXX, in order to maintain experimental control parameters within the acceptable 95% deviation.

Experiment SCP-1XXX-E:

One (1) D-Class personnel (D-3786) placed in Testing Area 1. D-3786 is fluent in Spanish. Folding screen deployed, SCP-1XXX displayed in English. D-3786 begins exhibiting the same symptoms of uncontrollable laughter. Class A amnesiac is administered to D-3786.

Conclusion: This was unexpected. It should be noted that D-3786 had no knowledge of the English language at any time prior to testing. The joke seems to have trans-lingual properties. Further testing upon the effects of SCP-1XXX will be done on its trans-lingual properties.

Experiment SCP-1XXX-F

Five (5) D-Class personnel (D-3645, D-3797, D-3245, D-3458, D-3281) are placed in testing area. D-3645 is fluent in English. D-3797 is fluent in Spanish. D-3245 is fluent in Russian. D-3458 is fluent in Japanese. D-3281 is fluent in English and Russian. D-3245 placed in Testing Area 1. Remaining D-Class are placed in Testing Area 2. Folding screen deployed, SCP-1XXX displayed on screen. D-3245 exhibits expected symptoms. Door adjoining the rooms is opened, D-3645 stumbles into Testing Area 2. He then proceeds to tell the joke to each of the four other D-Class present. During the time that D-3245 is conveying the joke, Research Staff records the first 5 seconds of the joke. Once all D-Class have heard SCP-1XXX, Medical Team administers Class A amnesiac to each.

Conclusion: Review of the recorded portions of SCP-1XXX being conveyed to each subject reveals a new aspect of SCP-1XXX. SCP-1XXX was different each time it was told. The difference was not specific to the grammar syntax of each language. SCP-1XXX is confirmed as a memetic.

Further testing deemed irrelevant until possible useful application of SCP-1XXX can be determined. All data of SCP-1XXX is to be contained to my encrypted external hardrive. All other external sources are to be expunged, I had one of the resident "comedians" come up to my office asking if he could know the joke. Are you all dense?! It is lethal! I am working with utter [DATA EXPUNGED] //
—Dr. █████//


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