Exuro Scp 150 Draft

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Item #: SCP-150

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-150 is to be kept under constant closed-circuit camera monitoring 24 hours a day. Under no circumstances are personnel to remove SCP-150 from its containment without proper authorization and supervision in place. Aside from these stipulations, no other extraneous containment procedures are necessary. In the event of a security breach, all uniforms on-site are to be summarily disposed of via incineration until SCP-150 is located once more. Any reports of hearing consistent disembodied voices are to be immediately investigated.

Description: SCP-150 is a seemingly sentient entity of unknown origin with no known definite physical appearance. Instead, it embodies itself as various articles of workplace attire - one of the only two defining characteristic of SCP-150. The other characteristic is the presence of a name, most often in the form of a nametag, somewhere on the article of clothing. SCP-150's appearance varies on a basis of the closest human being in proximity to it, shifting to fit the appearance of the individual's work uniform, no matter what it may be. When subjected to laboratory testing, SCP-150 proved to be structurally identical to any material that it is currently mimicking, albeit much more resilient to wear and tear. The reason that SCP-150 only seems to have the ability to take the form of work uniforms in particular is unknown.

When left to its own devices, SCP-150 will attempt to fool any nearby personnel into believing that it is their own work uniform. While this may seem obvious under standard SCP containment protocols, SCP-150's environment plays a large factor in its ability to dupe a victim into putting it on, including the ability to change its nametag to the intended victim's name. Putting on SCP-150 has no immediate adverse effects on the wearer. However, within a timespan of █ to ██ minutes, the victim will begin to hear a collection of disembodied voices. At first, this may start out with a small number of relatively quiet voices, but will inevitably escalate what has been described as "a frenzied roar" of voices within an hour of initial contact with the victim. At approximately █ hours, all higher mental functions of the victim will simply cease functioning, leaving the subject in a vegetative state. To date, no subject whose mental functions have been removed in this manner have ever recovered. Removal of SCP-150 will result in the eventual halt of the voices within a week at most. It is believed that SCP-150 feeds on the consciousness of its victims, given the predatory action that it takes to lure them into wearing it.

SCP-150 was recovered on 5/19/20██ by Agent ██████ from an automotive manufacturing plant in █████, Michigan, after reports of workers falling into a vegetative coma, one after the other, began to surface. All those with direct knowledge of the incident were administered the usual Class B amnesiacs after resolution of SCP-150's capture. SCP-150 was then transferred to Site ██ by Agent ██████ and a team of Class E personnel. However, misunderstanding of SCP-150's abilities led to the near loss of one of the containment staff before SCP-150 was once again secured.

Addendum 1 - Incident 150-01: As of █/██/████, SCP-150 is to be under constant monitoring by security personnel after a containment breach resulted in the loss of a Site ██ staff member. A D-class assigned to janitorial duty mistook SCP-150 for a standard D-class uniform and took it to be washed with the rest of the uniforms, where it eventually found its way onto Level 2 Security Officer █████ as part of his standard-issue uniform. SCP-150 was recaptured after the officer began reporting the advanced symptoms of SCP-150 exposure. SCP-150 was once again re-secured, but not before the afflicted officer succumbed to it's vegetative effects.

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