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Item #: SCP-DDD

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-DDD is to be contained in a three meter by three meter by three meter reinforced terrarium. Lighting is to be kept to a minimum for increased visibility of specimens of SCP-DDD. Removal from the terrarium is not recommended forbidden. Should a breach occur, the room containing SCP-DDD is to be sealed off from the rest of the facility immediately.

SCP-DDD is to be fed a live cow, or similar, on a weekly basis. This is to be accomplished using a robotic arm, controlled remotely. The remains of the feeding animal are to be deposited directly into an incinerator after collection unless an administrator has approved further testing.

Under no circumstances should a human being be exposed to SCP-DDD without a containment suit rated level six or higher.

Description: SCP-DDD appears to be a previously undiscovered arthropod of the class Chilopoda, similar in appearance to a translucent example of Scolopendra gigantea, or Amazonian giant centipede. Consistent with other species of centipedes, it has a long segmented body (most specimens of SCP-DDD are between 12 and 15 centimeters in length) and large forcipules. Unlike other centipedes, SCP-DDD is bio-luminescent to an unprecedented degree in the natural world; its brightness measures well into the 100 lumen range. Specimens of this species are most remarkable in that they seem to have an entirely unique way of gaining nourishment.

DDD's feeding habits are extremely invasive, almost parasitic. Specimens of SCP-DDD will burrow into a creature larger than itself using its forcipules. DDD's hunting habits primarily target the chest cavity, but specimens have been observed burrowing into any exposed flesh. Once inside a prey species, SCP-DDD will "consume" the shadows of organs and bones cast by its own bio-luminescence. The mechanics of this process, and the preference for shadows cast by internal tissue structures, are currently unknown, and thus far no workable hypotheses have been put forward. Feeding is always fatal; death is caused either by blood loss, organ damage, or an unexplained side effect of the feeding process. Disturbingly, specimens of SCP-DDD will enter into a feeding frenzy with little provocation.

The remains of prey killed during feeding also serve as breeding sites, as discovered by Dr. Starc and Dr. Dmitriev. The doctors were performing a routine autopsy on the remains of that week's feeding animal. However, when they cut into the chest cavity of the cow, the motion and noise caused the approximately four thousand eggs laid in the cow's stomach to hatch and violently burst outward. Starc and Dmitriev were covered in infant examples of SCP-DDD and killed within seconds. Four other researchers and three security personnel were also killed by the swarm. The breach was contained only after bio-hazard teams arrived with flamethrowers.

A colony of SCP-DDD was first encountered in [REDACTED], Argentina, a suburb of Buenos Aires. Residents had reported a number of unexplained pet fatalities over the course of roughly thirty days. The first missing child report came soon after. Argentinian police found a number of bodies with several large puncture wounds in isolated areas in and around [REDACTED] but were unable to locate the culprit or determine the exact cause of death. Foundation personnel were made aware of the events in [REDACTED] and mobilized as per Acquisition Protocol 917-SA. Agents Culverin and Ptolemy found SCP-DDD by chance; after arriving in [REDACTED] much later than expected, the Agents stopped to investigate a strange light in a seemingly abandoned structure located just off the main road. Though Agent Ptolemy was killed in the investigation, Agent Culverin successfully escaped the DDD nest and requested the intervention of specialized biological containment teams. Agent Culverin is currently under psychological review after exhibiting symptoms of acute PTSD.

WHY IT FAILED: too many other parasites, eating darkness breaks science too much, 363 does everything this would do, but better

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Post-incident Interview: TFL Astral

Interviewee: ████ ███████, OD "Astral"

Interviewer: Dr. Johnathan Feldmann

Foreword: Interview conducted ██/██/20██, after the events detailed in Incident Report 348/I/024. The purpose of the interview is both psychological evaluation and to attempt to reconstruct the events following communications failure suffered during the events detailed in Incident Report 348/I/024.

<Begin Log>

Astral: Hey Doc. You're conducting the debrief?

Dr. Feldmann: That's correct. How are you feeling, Astral?

A: Still a little shaken up. Got some new nightmares for the collection.

F: Mm-hmm. Shall we get started?

A: Yeah, sure.

F: During the events of your previous operation, communications were lost. Can you explain what happened after that point?

A: [A whistles.] That's a lot of ground to cover, Doc, but I'll give it a shot. Communications dropped around the time Echelon tripped, right?

F: That's correct.

A: Well, Echelon tripped. The noise brought all the eyeless in the cavern down on us. There were maybe thirty of them? All kinds, too. There were a few that were pretty obviously conquistadors, some PNA grunts. I think I recognized an outfit or two from that eight-mil film we played for you, Doc. A few were naked; I think their clothes rotted off working down there so long. They came at us in a mob. It's funny, you know? That many things, and I don't care what things they are, but that many things running full tilt. Directly at you. You'd think it'd make more noise. They were dead silent. No war cry, no growling, nothing. Just. Nothing.

F: What were they doing before they became hostile?

A: Well, our NV equipment wasn't doing so hot down there, especially at that distance. Hard to tell, but it looked like they were. Tweaking? The arrangement of the last load of crap they added to their temple.

F: Temple?

A: Right, sorry. It's Taskforce slang for those structures they build.

F: Go on.

A: Anyway, it looked like they were getting things just so, you know? They came running at us, I ordered weapons free, we gunned them down. Pretty cut and dry, though for a while there it looked like they might close in enough to give us some trouble. We waited for a few minutes to see if the noise would bring out any more of them, then policed the bodies, torched them with thermite grenades, and moved on. I'm guessing you want to hear my impressions of the t-. Ah. The structure?

F: That would be ideal, yes. Do feel free to use whatever slang you're comfortable with, by the way.

A: Thanks, Doc. It was tall. I mean, I'm not great with estimating distances but it nearly scraped the ceiling of that cavern, and that must've been. Hm. Thirty meters? That's about ninety feet, right? [F nods.] Yeah, thirty meters. Seems like they built it out of whatever the hell they could move; there were bricks, boulders, trees. Stuff that was created too, some bricks, some plywood boards, a truck axle. Bones too. Mostly animal, but some. Um. Human. It was hard to tell, it was all covered in that glue crap they secrete, but I swear some of the bones were still bloody, like they killed someone just to de-bone them and stick their femur in. It was like that all the way through, too.

F: Did you notice any patterns or architectural anomalies?

[A seems to consider this for several moments.]

A: The area of it we were in seemed almost like a maze. Lots of twists and dead ends. But, when you mentioned architecture. It seemed like the angles weren't right.

F: How so?

A: It wasn't anything major. Just. Everything was a little off, like they were building off blueprints that were done up by someone who saw everything wrong.

F: Can you elaborate?

A: Um. It's hard to describe. Like I said, everything was just off. Corners didn't act like they should've. Walking down a straightaway that looked flat suddenly giving you vertigo. I don't know, I'm not great spatially. Talk to Dowager or Ingress, I guess.

F: I'll be sure to do that. You were progressing through the "temple"?

A: That's right. I figured that since we couldn't get through to you guys, we'd poke around for a while, see if comms went back up. If they didn't, well, we'd have something to show for it. It was only supposed to be for a few minutes, maybe half an hour, but we just lost track of time and ended up wandering around this huge maze. The angles really got to Hatchet. When she started bugging out, I slapped her. I know, intellectually, it was the right call to get her to pull herself together, but I still feel like a piece of shit about it.

[A is silent for some time. F notes he is trying to hold back tears.]

F: I know this is hard, ████. But we need to get this down.

A: Yeah. I. Yeah. Just.

[A punches the table several times. F looks surprised and slightly afraid.]

F: Let's. Ah. Let's call it a day then, ████, eh? I'll-

A: No. [A looks up at F.] Sit back down, Doc. I got a story for you.

[A takes a deep breath, gets up from the table and begins pacing.]

A: We were in there for about half an hour when we all started to hear this. Heartbeat, almost. It was like a heartbeat but. Wrong. Somehow. At first I thought it was just me, but Baroque and Fulcrum told me they heard it too. I asked everyone else if they heard it too, and they all heard something. You'll have to ask them, I guess. It was reasonably close, too. Or it sounded that way, anyway. I made the executive decision to continue on. I don't know why. I should've waited for comms to come back up, or for reinforcements. As we got closer to the heartbeat. You remember what I said about the angles? [F nods.] It got way worse the closer we got to the sounds. Things looked really messed up. Hatchet kept. No. Nevermind. After around ten minutes, we finally came into the center area. Um.

F: Yes?

A: I don't really know how to put this, Doc. It's. Hard.

F: However you can, ████.

A: There was this. Creature. In the center of the temple. It was huge. I've seen smaller transport helicopters. Lots of. Not tentacles. What're the things inside your lungs?

F: Cilia?

A: Yeah, that's it. Groping around. It looked like it was. I don't know. Stuck.

F: Stuck?

A: Yeah, between two forms. Like when you freeze-frame a cartoon in the middle of a weird animation. I think by looking at it, we were making it try to choose one. And I don't think it was ready.

<End Log>

Post-incident Interview: TFS Ingress

Interviewee: ██████ █████, OD "Ingress"

Interviewer: Dr. Johnathan Feldmann

Foreword: Interview conducted ██/██/20██, after the events detailed in Incident Report 348/I/024. The purpose of the interview is both psychological evaluation and to attempt to reconstruct the events following communications failure suffered during the events detailed in Incident Report 348/I/024.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Feldmann: Please, have a seat. I'm Dr. Feldmann.

TFS Ingress: Feldmann.

F: That's right.

I: The fucker who fucked up the operation plan?

F: I modified the containment protocol, yes.

[I lunges over the table and grabs F. I begins slamming his head into the table.]

F: [screaming] You fuck! You fuck! You fuck! You fuck!

<End Log>

<Begin Log>

F: [speaking to someone off camera] You're bringing her back in? She broke my nose last time. Make sure security is on point please.

[I enters the interviewing room.]

F: Hello ██████. We got off to a bad start last time. I'd like to ask you some questions.

[I remains silent. She glares at F.]

F: Um. Well. Look. I don't really want to talk to you. You attacked me, broke my nose, wasted my time.

I: [screaming] You fucking killed my friends!

F: But the Foundation wants this interview done, and they want me to do it because I'm the expert on 348. So. We're going to end up seeing each other a lot more often than either of us would like until you answer my questions!

[I remains silent.]

F: What happened after you lost communications with Foundation Command?

[I remains silent.]

F: Answer the question. For Christ's sake.

I: We lost contact with FC-SA. We killed a bunch of twos. We went through a big maze that gave everyone a headache. We found something growing in the middle of their stupid fucking funhouse. And it killed four of my best friends. You. Fuck.

F: That's all. Get her out of here.

<End Log>

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