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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: For security reasons, SCP-XXXX is currently being held in a repurposed military base 7 km outside of Site 22. MTF Delta-2 "Firewall" are to be stationed at the base to ward off any possible attempts by insurgency groups to claim SCP-XXX. To date, ██ such attempts have been deterred.

SCP-XXXX was built with a module that allows the power supply to be exchanged without powering off the device. The power supply is to be changed every week, and backup power is to be available on site at all times. All personell that are to enter the room for any reason, including maintanence, must have Level 4 Clearance from the Site Overseer, and must wear standard protection against the radiation that SCP-XXXX produces. In the event of a power failure, it is to be treated as an assault on the site, and Document XXXX-02 is to be consulted for proper procedures concerning the upkeep of the SCP's supply of electricity.

All notable data generated by SCP-XXXX is to be backed up onto servers located in the Site 22 complex, with a team of researchers present to analyze said data. All of these researchers must have Level 4 clearance from the Site Overseer. Additionally, all requests to look for anything in this data are to be automatically denied, given the inefficiency of the process and the nature of the data. All attempts to replicate the anomalous components of SCP-XXXX are also forbidden.

D-XXXX-01 (Formerly ████████ Underwood) is currently held in Site 22 containment and placed under psychiatric watch. He is currently charged with the creation of numerous infohazards and several information related anomalies; and any recollection of him that is contradictory to the information in this document (such as his presence during SCP testing or other Foundation procedures) should be reported to Site Command and met with Class A amnesiacs. Due to his association with SCP-XXXX, he is most familiar with its anomalous properties. Thus, an interview may be requested by any researcher with appropriate clearance, and he is exempt from monthly termination.

Access to Document XXXX-E0 is forbidden to all personnel without Level 4 clearance and approval from both the Site Overseer and O5 command.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a device similar in composition to a supercomuter but with hundreds of anomalous components that increase its processing power above what would normally be possible. Anomalous components include non-euclidian circuitry, spatial distortions allowing for a greater number of components in a smaller space, temporal distortions that speed up the rate at which information is processed, components that generate massive electromagnetic fields, and radiation consistent with temporal [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE DOCUMENT XXXX-E0]. The device is equipped with a monitor that is constantly displaying a string of characters consistent with hexidecimal encoding, and analysis of this data has concluded that SCP-XXXX is processing data at about 10^█████ kbps. SCP-XXXX, after displaying this data, runs it through a complex algorithm that appears to be designed to seek out specific patterns or noticable changes in the data, and sorts the data accordingly. After the data has been processed, it is saved onto one of the servers that are built into SCP-XXXX's mainframe.

Since it was activated (est. time of activation ██/██/200█), SCP-XXXX has been running a simulation of our universe, beginning with the big bang and using the observed laws of our universe to extrapolate all subsequent events. The data that it produces is information on all known and unknown areas and events in our universe, and as of yet no deviance from reality has been observed. However, it should be noted that due to the gargantuan amount of data produced by SCP-XXXX, it has proven impossible to verify that all of the data is accurate.

Addendum XXXX-01 (Recovery Log): SCP-XXXX was recovered from ████████ University's campus after numerous effects of known technology-related SCPs were reported by embedded agents. The device was found at the home of ████████ Underwood, who claimed to have built it as a prototype to the ultimate infoweapon; at the time, it showed attributes of several known anomalous objects currently in containment. Both were taken into Foundation custody; both for containment purposes and hopes that the Foundation could lear more about how Underwood had recreated these effects. Underwood reclassified D-XXXX-01.

Addendum XXXX-02: Following the investigation of MTF Theta-3 "Moment Breakers" [DATA EXPUNGED - SEE DOCUMENT XXXX-E0]

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